New route options identified for HumeLink


The options include:

  • A new route within Green Hills State Forest which moves proposed transmission onto public land and away from privately owned farmland, as much as possible.
  • A new route option east of Batlow and to run north of Blowering Reservoir, which aims to avoid Tumut Airport.

Executive manager Major Projects Sean McGoldrick said TransGrid has been examining options to use more public land where it is available and to avoid the airport.

“Engagement with Snowy Valleys Council, the Rural Fire Service and the local community indicated real concern that the transmission line could impact the expansion and operation of Tumut Airport, especially during bushfire season, and so network planners have examined a different option, north of Blowering Reservoir, to the one previously proposed,” he said.

TransGrid is currently examining a number of route options in this area and is consulting with landowners, communities and other stakeholders.

“In addition, consultation with landowners and other stakeholders has led to an option utilising more public land in Green Hills State Forest, east of the Yaven Creek community,” McGoldrick said.

McGoldrick said local landowner consultation will continue on HumeLink and “we will propose new transmission on public land wherever possible, or in parallel to existing infrastructure.

“We will continue to meet with landowners and discuss ways we can consider route options that minimise disruption to them, to their properties and their farm businesses,” he said.

A meeting is being planned for later this month with landowners in the Kyeamba area, where the business is working to narrow the proposed route corridor in response to intensive consultation with landowners.