PowerPlus Energy selects SwitchDin to deliver battery fleet management capabilities


Using SwitchDin’s solution, PowerPlus Energy said it will unlock powerful fleet management capabilities that will add value and open new opportunities for their residential and business customers who invest in a battery energy storage system (BESS).

A SwitchDin Droplet will be deployed in each PowerPlus Energy system, enabling connection, communication and control through Stormcloud for a diverse range of assets, and helping to realise a truly flexible and responsive grid.

The partnership will enable monitoring for end users of PowerPlus Energy’s products across the company’s full range of BESS solutions. It will give PowerPlus Energy remote configuration and control capabilities over the internet, while enabling a unique and consistent customer experience.

PowerPlus Energy customers will be able to view their battery system’s current and historic performance data and set and system alerts through the Stormcloud app or on a web browser.

The partnership will open the door for value-adding opportunities by leveraging SwitchDin’s digital expertise for behind-the-meter (BTM) optimisation, energy market participation and provision of energy services for PowerPlus Energy products. This includes intelligent functions for BESS including peak shaving and multi-unit export control to optimise an end customers’ return on investment in energy storage.

“SwitchDin is delighted to be joining forces with a like minded and respected hardware-focused Australian cleantech leader to provide an exceptional user experience for installers and end users alike,” said Andrew Mears, CEO at SwitchDin.

“This partnership lets PowerPlus Energy focus on what they do best and that is building amazing, Australian-made battery systems, while letting SwitchDin optimise the monitoring and management of its batteries with our industry leading software platform.”

“As an Australian company making home-grown products, it was an easy choice to partner with SwitchDin to deliver monitoring and management capabilities for our battery systems,” said Bradley Paton, CEO of PowerPlus Energy.

“It’s important to our ethos and values to be partnering with a leading Australian energy technology company to deliver innovative solutions to maintain a positive experience for our customers.”

SwitchDin-enabled PowerPlus Energy BESS products will be available in Australia from March 2023.