SolarEdge introduces new range of commercial inverters to Australian market


Reaching up to 100 kW, SolarEdge’s Three Phase Inverters with Synergy Technology are designed to provide more power and higher profitability in large-scale commercial and industrial PV installations, as well as easier commissioning.

The Synergy Inverters maximise energy production with up to 150% DC oversizing. The system offers improved uptime through modularity and independent inverter performance. By introducing an innovative pre-commissioning feature for in-depth visibility, installers can fully and automatically validate system components from their smartphones, before connecting to the grid. To avoid module performance degradation, the solution includes a built-in night-time PID (potential induced degradation) rectifier.

Along with SolarEdge’s industry-leading safety features – including integrated arc fault protection and rapid shutdown – the solution offers an extra layer of protection through built-in thermal sensors on the DC and AC terminal blocks, as well as optional field-replaceable surge protection devices.

“We are delighted to provide our customers with innovative technology that improves the economics of commercial installations through scalable DC optimisation,” SolarEdge Australia country manager Gavin Merchant said.

“Our solution addresses a growing demand in the Australian commercial sector for increased energy production, design flexibility, advanced safety and detailed performance monitoring. Furthermore, this product can reduce installation times, BoS (balance of system) costs and O&M expenses, thereby improving installer success and system owner satisfaction.”