Sydney storage specialists usher in a greener future with solar


Feeling the pressure of rising electricity costs and customer calls to implement greener practices, Warehouse by Design founder and director Greg Taylor decided to steer the company towards a more sustainable future.

Sydney storage and materials handling business Warehouse by Design is a long-time partner of Rheem Australia, supplying the Australian water heater specialists with warehouse racking and storage systems. When it came to future proofing the operations, choosing Rheem’s renowned renewable energy brand, Solahart, was the clear choice.

“After 25 years in operation, we wanted to create a more energy-efficient business for ourselves and our customers. We’re a small team, but we felt there was an opportunity for us to make a big impact by investing in the power of renewables,” Taylor said.

“Like many businesses, our energy costs have been increasing, so we needed to find a way to reduce them and offset our carbon footprint. With the amount of roof space we have, seeking a solar solution made the most sense.”

After consulting Solahart Sydney, the team set to work to design the perfect solution to support Warehouse by Design in their plans to grow their business sustainably. One of the priorities for the build was the inclusion of a robust and reliable inverter brand that could handle the scale of the business operations.

Keeping this in mind, Solahart Sydney installed 38 x 450 W Solahart SunCell(R) Plus solar panels, a 15 kW three-phase Goodwe Inverter, and a Solahart Energy Management System, which would allow Warehouse by Design to see when they generate the most solar helping to maximise savings.

Rory Chenoweth, Commercial Manager at Solahart Sydney, said the Energy Management System is especially helpful for businesses wanting to monitor their power consumption.

“Complementing a Solahart system with a Solahart Energy Management System is a great choice because it gives businesses access to information about their power consumption and helps them track their savings in real time,” he said.

After just six months, Warehouse by Design is already seeing the benefits of solar technology.

“We’re thrilled with the Solahart system installation, particularly because it takes advantage of the space we have and delivers cost and energy savings – it’s a game changer,” Taylor said.

“Being able to monitor our power usage will be key to managing the business more sustainably. We estimate that we’ll be able to offset our carbon footprint by 73% each year, which is up to 28.1 tonnes of CO2. The cherry on top is that we’ll also be able to make a return on our investment in just two and a half years, saving approximately $5,800 per year.”