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JA Solar debuts 23.3%-efficient single-glass, anti-dust solar panel

The new module has a power output of up to 650 W and weighs 29.6 kg. It uses JA Solar’s patented anti-dust frame technology, which reportedly enhances drainage and decontamination performance, thus reducing dust accumulation and avoiding hotspot issues.


UNSW team creates vortex generators for passive solar module cooling

University of New South Wales researchers have created vortex generators that can reportedly reduce the operating solar module temperature by up to 2.5 C. They built two different prototypes, based on aluminum and a conductive 3D printable polymer, and tested them under several scenarios in an experimental setting deployed in Sydney.

JA Solar takes top spot on WoodMac’s list of PV module manufacturers

Wood Mackenzie says that JA Solar has taken first place on its list of solar panel manufacturers. Nine of the first 12 positions are held by Chinese manufacturers, seven of them could surpass 100 GW of capacity by 2027, and eight are self-sufficient in cell capacity, according to the research firm.

Longi presents 24.4%-efficient 660 W HPBC solar panel

Intended for applications in utility scale PV projects, the new Hi-MO 9 module is available in eight versions with power output ranging from 625 W to 660 W and power conversion efficiency spanning from 23.1% to 24.4%.

Leapton debuts 600-625 W TOPCon solar panel based on rectangular wafers

Leapton Energy says its new panels have a temperature coefficient of -0.30% per C and an efficiency of up to 23.14%. They come with a 30-year power output guarantee for 87.4% of the initial yield.

JinkoSolar claims 33.24% efficiency for perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells

JinkoSolar says it has achieved a 33.24% efficiency rating for its perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells, confirmed by the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Study finds excessive row spacing has limited effect on improving PV system performance

Scientists in China have tested the influence of panel row spacing in increasing a PV system performance in a full-scale outdoor PV array experimental platform. They found that larger row spacing plays a limited role in improving thermal convection, observing that solar irradiance and wind speed are the key parameters for optimal PV system design.


Longi introduces 630 W HPBC modules with 23.3% efficiency

Chinese manufacturer Longi says its new Hi-MO X6 Scientist series has a temperature coefficient of -0.28%/C and a power output ranging from 620 W to 630 W. They rely on the company’s proprietary hybrid passivated back contact cell technology.

REC launches 640 W heterojunction solar module with 22.5% efficiency

REC has developed a new series of heterojunction solar panels with efficiencies up to 22.5% and an operating temperature coefficient of -0.24% per degree Celsius.

Sharp unveils new TOPCon solar modules

The Japanese electronics manufacturer has launched the NU-JC440 and NU-JC430B panels with efficiencies of 22.53% and 22.02%, respectively. Both products are IEC/EN61215 and IEC/EN61730-certified and rely on M10 wafers.

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