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GoodWe releases 60 kWh battery for commercial, industrial PV systems

GoodWe has developed a 60 kWh battery for commercial and industrial PV systems, featuring a compartment for its ET15-30kW inverter series.

Trina Storage releases 4.07 MWh energy storage system

Trina Storage has developed a 4.07 MWh energy storage system featuring its in-house 306 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells, configured with 10 racks of four battery packs.

New anti-reflective coating for silicon solar cells

Developed by an international research group, the novel anti-reflective coating is based on silicon dioxide and zirconium dioxide. It reportedly minimises a solar cell’s reflection loss, while enhancing its light absorption properties.

Performance parameters for residential heat pumps linked to PV, storage

German researchers measured a PV-powered heat pump with battery storage in a single-family home in Freiburg, Germany, for a period of a year. It features smart grid-ready tech that adjusts operations based on the grid.

New research claims PV outperforms afforestation in combating climate change

Scientists from Israel have calculated how long it would take for PV plants and afforestation projects to offset their warming impacts caused by the darkening of land. The results showed that in drylands, PV fields could be over 50 times more efficient than afforestation.


New MPPT approach for multi-string PV systems under partial shading

Egyptian researchers has developed a multi-string PV system with a converter control strategy, achieving 99.81% efficiency with a direct duty cycle for maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Novel algorithm estimates global maximum power point in partially shaded PV systems

Developed by scientists in India, the global maximum power point (GMPP) technique is based on the voltage and current of strings in a PV array. The research group tested it in computer simulation, as well as through an experimental setup.

Novel tool for PV system sizing allows users to assess tradeoffs between reliability and costs

Developed by scientists in Egypt, trhe Green Energy Solutions software allows users to assess the tradeoffs between the PV system reliability and its costs. Compared to PVsyst, it has an error margin of up to 9%.


Strategies to develop ‘solar neighborhoods’

Researchers from the Australian PV Institute are part of an international group of scientists that have devised a list of recommendations to support the creation of solar neighborhoods. In a recently published study they highlight the importance of legislative frameworks and advanced computing.

MIT scientists develop CSP system to produce hydrogen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have developed a train-like concentrated solar power (CSP) system for hydrogen production, with plans to build a prototype in the coming year. They say that this innovative system can capture up to 40% of the sun’s heat to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel.

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