How costly are the major parties’ climate policies?

One of the hotly contested issues in the run-up to the Saturday federal election is whether a proactive response to climate change is more expensive than doing nothing. The Australia Institute has examined 22 reports from academics, government agencies and consultants modeling higher emissions reductions by 2030 and found that none of them shows action on climate change is ‘economy wrecking’. Counting the costs of the major parties’ climate change policies, UNSW finds that impacts of inaction on climate change for both Australia’s economy and jobs outweigh the costs of reducing emissions.

The climate election: Renewable energy policies pledged by major parties

As the federal election campaign slowly grinds to a halt, one thing is indisputable: climate change has emerged as the make or break issue in this year’s election. The main parties have come up with a wide range of policies, but some are more supportive of the green energy sector than the others.

Australian aged care sector turns to solar for lower energy bills

With the annual cost of energy per bed across the aged care sector on the rise, C&I PV and energy efficiency specialist Verdia says that a major energy transformation is underway across Australia.

Monash researchers achieve green hydrogen breakthrough

A research team from Monash University has introduced an intrinsically stable, ‘self-healing’ catalytic system based on earth abundant elements to promote the water electrolysis process in a strongly acidic environment and elevated temperatures.

Public consultation opens for 11 GW renewable energy hub

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority is seeking public submissions on the massive Asian Renewable Energy Hub proposed for the Pilbara region.

Gupta’s 280 MW Cultana Solar Farm waved through in South Australia

The first solar project in the 1 GW dispatchable renewable energy program launched by UK steel billionaire Sanjeev Gupta has received a development approval from the South Australian government.

Queensland solar installation rules go into effect despite push back

The Queensland government has signed into law a controversial regulation for solar farms larger than 100 kW, which requires mounting, locating, fixing and removal of PV panels at solar farms to only be undertaken by licensed electricians. The move comes despite warnings that the new rules will put hundreds of local jobs at risk and could bring some projects to a standstill.

Regis Aged Care to install solar across 17 sites

One of the major providers of aged care in Australia has turned to solar PV and LED lighting to reduce its environmental footprint and energy costs.

Brisbane welcomes Australia’s largest airport PV installation

With a capacity of 5.725 MW, the solar array spread across Brisbane Airport is Australia’s largest commercial and industrial PV system to be installed at an airport site.

Sonnen starts shipping batteries made in South Australia to New Zealand

The German energy storage provider has begun shipping batteries produced in the former Holden factory in Adelaide’s north to New Zealand. Sonnen batteries will be available exclusively through the manufacturer’s local partner, Taspac Energy.

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