Australia’s state of virtual power play

With around 16 battery-based virtual-power-plant projects either in progress or planned across six states, Australia is demonstrating the potential of distributed energy resources to the world. An Australian Clean Energy Summit panel last week caught up on progress and potholes on the road to energy’s new two-way street.


CleanPeak expands its solar shopping-centre portfolio with acquisition of ReNu 

On Friday, ReNu Energy signed an agreement for the sale of its solar assets, including Shopping Centres Australasia arrays, to commercial-rooftop-solar startup CleanPeak Energy.

Clean Energy Summit tackles transmission for transition at the heart of the NEM

Matthew Kean, NSW Government Minister for Energy and Environment opened the Clean Energy Summit 2019 this week promising to unleash private investment on the state’s transmission infrastructure, but will the mechanism, the momentum and the maths add up to the coal-retirement timeline?


Solar sabres are drawn as Victoria & NSW fight for most-new-renewables title

The Australia Institute’s ‘National Energy Emissions Audit Electricity Update’ for July shows solar and wind generation is growing fastest in New South Wales, closely followed by Victoria; and it offers an historical twist on the country’s energy transition.


Tritium chargers will let UK EV drivers “fill up” faster to go further …

The UK is leaping ahead in its deployment of electric-vehicle charge infrastructure. Box Energi has chosen Australia’s Tritium Veefil-RT technology to double refill sites around the UK, boosting not only charge accessibility and driving range, but confidence in emissions-free commuting and touring.

Long read: The importance of staying cool

‘Solar cells prefer to operate in a refrigerator,’ says UNSW Professor Martin Green. His global research team is now identifying viable ways to cool down solar PV modules while amping up energy production to an unprecedented level.


Blueprint for Australia’s new two-way energy system confers $1 billion in consumer benefits

A joint report released today by AEMO and Energy Networks Australia confirms that managing Australia’s growing distributed energy resources presents an extraordinary opportunity, which could result in $100 billion in savings in network infrastructure and $1 billion in benefits across the energy-consumer landscape.

Aerial thermography takes off as an O&M tool for Australian solar farms

Raptor Maps has some 700 MW of Australian solar farms under monitoring by aerial thermal imaging. Compared to the company’s worldwide customer base, Australian PV plant experiences roughly the same average percentage — between 1.5% and 2% — of power affected by faults and defects as global installations.

Sunport MWT solar technology bursts onto the Australian market

Metal wrap-through technology combined with PERC confers multiple benefits on Sunport Power’s new solar modules. Add the involvement of UNSW’s Professor Martin Green in the product development, Sunport’s 1.4 GW production capacity and a 30-year performmance warranty by insurer Lloyds… Two Australian wholesalers have started shipping.

Curtin’s new thermal battery project brings on the midnight sun

An international research collaboration led by Curtin University is set to help decarbonise mining and other off-grid industry with concentrating solar power that delivers clean energy night and day.

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