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Billion-dollar investment could revive Australian solar manufacturing

Solar SunShot is well named. The Australian government has announced it will plough $1 billion into bringing back solar manufacturing to Australia, boosting energy security, swapping coal and gas jobs for those in the solar industry, and guarding against supply chain shocks and geopolitical tension.

More coal subsidies to extend Eraring’s life ‘unjustifiable’

Electricity gen-tailer Origin Energy is currently in talks with the New South Wales government to extend the life of Australia’s biggest coal power clunker, the hyper-expensive, high-emissions, end-of-life 2.88 GW Eraring plant, beyond its slated closure date of August 2025. The reason cited for extension is to maintain reliable and secure energy supply in our state.


Battery price war could soon make electric vehicles cheaper

The main cost of an electric vehicle is its battery. The high cost of energy-dense batteries has meant EVs have long been more expensive than their fossil fuel equivalents. But this could change faster than we thought.

Smart meters fail to deliver promised benefits: Fix

Billions of dollars are being spent worldwide to modernise electricity grids with smart meters. These meters promise to save households money by making it easier for us to understand and manage our energy use. However, our new research suggests these promises might not be fully delivered due to a lack of access to high-resolution, real-time energy data.

Green hydrogen and ultra-low cost solar key to Australia’s superpower vision

Australian Renewable Energy Agency Chief Executive Officer Darren Miller sheds light on the agency’s role in helping to deliver the renewable energy superpower vision – emphasising the critical role of green hydrogen and ultra-low cost solar.


State-of-charge: a peek into economics and performances within NEM’s battery fleet

2023 was the year of the big battery in the National Electricity Market. The year started with 10 batteries registered in the market and ended with a doubling to 20, with no signs of a slowdown.

Fixing National Electricity Market for renewable energy future

Rooftop solar is Australia’s cheapest source of electricity. The consumer can get electricity from rooftop solar at less than a fifth of the average cost per kWh of buying it from a retailer.

Unlocking the green vault: Superannuation funds could be missing link in renewable energy progress

In recent weeks, the call from Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen to expedite planning decisions and approvals for new energy projects resonates as a crucial step towards Australia’s clean energy future. However, as we navigate through the challenges of meeting renewable energy targets, it is evident that more needs to be done.

Shining a light on module quality

With solar panel prices tumbling, project developers will need to be vigilant about quality. Comprehensive product testing could be a vital safeguard as PV manufacturers struggle to retain their margins, according to Everoze’s Martin Laing and Gauthier Dambrine.

Record-breaking native demand for Australia’s NEM and Victoria

Thursday, Feb. 22 marked another day in Australia’s energy records, along the Eastern seaboard. The hot and sunny conditions led to notable maximums in energy demand and supply.

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