New tracker design for agrivoltaics


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Axial Structural, a racking systems manufacturer based in Spain, has announced the launch of the Agritracker, a solar tracker designed specifically for agrivoltaics installations. The product allows for easy optimisation of periods of light and shade to balance optimal growth for different crop types with maximum energy generation.

“The Agritracker adapts to the specific needs of each crop: it protects from inclement weather and optimises the periods of light and shade,” the company told pv magazine, adding that the tracker has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, and is already available for sale.

Axial’s agrivoltaics solution can adapt to sloping terrains, and accommodate crops with different light requirements being planted beneath one installation (grapevine, fruit trees and vegetables, for example). The system can adapt to very steep slopes and land dimensions. Modules can be installed at a height of up to 6.8 meters, allowing heavy farming machinery to pass underneath. The tracker supports up to 96 modules per motor, and independent rows of up to 32 modules, split into four groups of eight panels each.

Image: Axial Strucural

“Thanks to the Agritracker Shadow Programming App, we can define the hours of tracking the sun or allowing light to pass through for the whole system, and guarantee minimal shading of the crop when sunlight is needed for agricultural purposes,” explained an Axial representative. “With the Dynamic Control system we can also control specific positions at specific times, or manage the position of individual trackers through ModBus Live Control”.

The company specifies that the mechanical elements comprising the Agritracker are subject to the same load calculations, wind tunnel testing and other standards used in all Axial Tracker products. “In this way it is possible to size and secure the products against climate conditions of any area or region,” the company adds.

Image: Axial Structural

Axial has already installed the tracker at a project spread across three hectares of farmland in the south of France, the first project in a 100 MW pipeline for the technology that is set to be implemented in the region over the next two years. “In addition to France, the Agritracker is generating serious interest in Italy, Spain and Israel. Our immediate goal is to implement the tracker in European markets,” the company representative told pv magazine. The company also offers the tracker as a turnkey system solution.

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