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Battery prices down 14% this year, says BloombergNEF

BloombergNEF says it has recorded a 14% decline in battery prices this year, mainly due to cheaper raw materials, following an unprecedented rise in 2022.

China plans recycling system for wind turbines, solar panels

China will introduce technical standards and policies for the wind and solar industries to recycle their decommissioned equipment by 2030.

Ingeteam sells O&M division to RES Group

Ingeteam has sold its operation and maintenance (O&M) division to United Kingdom-based RES Group. It says the division’s 35 GW of O&M contracts throughout the world are valued at $58.55 billion (€35 billion).

Reusing silicon from end-of-life solar panels in EV batteries

Scientists in Belgium are exploring the potential of recycled silicon in solar modules at the end of their life cycle for reuse in low-cost, higher-energy-density storage technologies. They claim EV batteries using this silicon may allow faster recharging and travel longer distances on a single charge.

Global PV manufacturing capacity to reach 1 TW by 2024

PV manufacturing capacity is projected to more than double by 2024, led by China, but oversupply is also anticipated, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Portable system uses PV to produce drinkable water from air moisture

UK scientists have developed Solar2Water, a system that generates twice the amount of water as conventional atmospheric water generators. The system operates efficiently with the same energy input, regardless of air humidity, relying solely on photovoltaics.


Chinese solar exports rose by 64% in 2022, says Wood Mackenzie

China exported 154 GW of PV modules, 24 GW of solar cells, and 41 GW of wafers in 2022. In 2026, annual cell and wafer exports could hit 230 GW and module shipments could reach 149 GW, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Fraunhofer ISE produces hydrogen via PEM electrolyser with seawater

Fraunhofer ISE scientists have optimised a technical concept for a hydrogen plant at sea. They claim that their design is “technically and economically viable.”

Iberdrola using dogs, robots to monitor solar plants

Iberdrola is using a springer spaniel in a solar park to smell electrical problems that could lead to power cuts. It is also using a robotic dog to detect and analyse faults in substations.

US startup to build 100 MW solar plant with modules on ground

Erthos claims that with its new installation method, solar facilities could occupy just one-third of the surface covered by conventional PV plants, potentially reducing installations costs by up to 20%.

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