Sungrow launches hybrid inverter and battery solution in Australia


Sungrow said the hybrid SH15/20/25T inverters and SBH200-400 battery series is a comprehensive one-stop solution, including an inverter, battery, energy management system, smart meter, and operation and management platform.

The battery utilises a modular design with each module delivering 5 kWh of storage capacity. A battery unit can accommodate up to eight modules, while the whole battery system allows up to four units in parallel. With the design allowing for modules to be places one on top of another, the system can be scaled up to 160 kWh.

The battery is configured with 50 A high current, which enables charging of 25 kWh in one hour.

The hybrid inverter has power capacity ranging from 15 kW to 25 kW, complementing high-power applications of the whole system. The SH15/20/25T series has three MPPTs (maximum power point tracking), and five 16 A strings to optimise the power output of rooftop solar.

Sungrow Australia Technical Director Scott Su said the systems are designed to offer maximum flexibility and freedom and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential rooftops, offices and warehouses.

“Whether you’re looking to maximise self-consumption, participate in VPP programs, shift peak tariffs, or reduce demand charges, Sungrow has the perfect solution,” he said.

Sungrow said the hybrid inverter and battery system can be monitored and managed in real time using its remote cloud-based iSolarCloud platform.

It offers an optimised residential backup experience, with a seamless transition of only 10 milliseconds during a power outage.

The system features  Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) technology with a test accuracy of 99.9%, allowing an arc detection distance of 200 meters and a rapid shutdown capability of 200 milliseconds.

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