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Huawei enters Australia’s residential battery market with modular Luna2000

Chinese giant Huawei has entered Australia’s residential solar battery market with its home energy storage system, the Luna2000. The lithium-iron phosphate 5kWh cells have a modular design and are scalable to 30kWh. Huawei is banking on 10 kWh system capacities being most popular, telling pv magazine Australia they will retail for under AU$10,000.

Regulator expands fraud detection, introduces new anonymous online tool to growing arsenal

The Clean Energy Regulator has adopted the whistle-blower platform Whispli to allow Australians to report any potential fraudulent or non-compliant behaviour anonymously online. The move comes just after the Regulator joined forces with the Clean Energy Council to launch a taskforce targeting dodgy installers.

Free solar systems to be given to South Australian concession holders from today

South Australian concession holders can now opt to switch their payments for a brand new solar system as part of the state government’s Switch for Solar pilot program which kicked off on Monday.

Solar powered ice-cream beer? Say no more

Ben & Jerry’s and 4 Pines, two companies who have been long supportive of renewable energy, have teamed up to create a limited-edition Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Nitro Beer which will also help a community group receive a solar installation from Enova Community Energy.

Powercor to unlock more than 1.3 GW of queuing large-scale renewable projects

Transmission is not the only way, proves network service provider Powercor with its new plan to help Victoria hit its ambitious emissions reduction targets, while considering the needs and sensitivities of regions set to host the state’s Renewable Energy Zones.

$2 billion blueprint to run a green hydrogen river through the Hunter Valley

Hydrogen is the word on everyone’s lips as the Federal Government champions hubs of no particular colour. Seasoned clean players such as Energy Estate are identifying greenfield opportunities for renewable energy and industry to meet.

Going fission! How scientific enquiry by UNSW may push solar cell efficiency to 38.2%

Cross-pollination of scientific and engineering thought within the ARC Centre of Excellence for Exciton Science has led to promising findings on the the cool solar-cell efficiency-boosting mechanism known as singlet fission.

How will you know it’s green hydrogen?

Thinking backwards from demand for green hydrogen, the Smart Energy Council identified that investors and customers will have to be able to trust the integrity of the product. Its world-first verification scheme, launched in late 2020 is gaining international traction.


Sunday read: the ‘other side’ of batteries

Graphite’s pivotal role in electric-vehicle battery technology is coming under increasing scrutiny. Graphite is almost exclusively produced in China, and while the processing of the mineral poses serious environmental issues, the alternatives appear costly. Ian Morse looks at what’s next for critical graphite supplies.

The budget should have been a road to Australia’s low-emissions future. Instead, it’s a flight of fancy

Professor John Quiggin from the School of Economics at the University of Queensland on where the federal budget falls down.

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