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Weekend read: Listening to the vocal community

As the Australian authorities launch rolling tenders for 32 GW of renewables and storage by 2030, it has become clear that some communities have not been brought onside. Heated debate on social media and a frenzy stoked by concerns about the impact on the natural environment are throwing up hurdles for renewables development.

Weekend read: Cut to the CAES

Compressed air energy storage (CAES) sits at a crossroads. It is considered a mature form of deep storage due to its components being firmly “de-risked” but few projects are operating in the Western world. A project in the remote New South Wales town of Broken Hill promises to lead the way.

China’s Aiko to deliver 2 GW of All Back Contact modules to Australian shores from March

Chinese manufacturer Aiko showcased its GEN 2 N-type ABC (All Back Contact) modules at last week’s Smart Energy Expo, where the technology’s shade optimisation, enabled by its cells’ bypass diode function, made a splash. Pv magazine spoke to Aiko’s leadership about how its technology works and how the Australian market entrant plans to position itself down under.


DAH Solar enters Australian market with anti-dust module range

Chinese solar manufacturer DAH Solar has launched into the Australian market with an anti-dust solar module with lowered frames, similar to that displayed by Longi just a few metres away during the Smart Energy Expo.

Energizer Solar’s new hybrid battery & inverter land in Australia, launching its home ‘ecosystem’

Energizer Solar, the licensee for US battery giant Energizer, has selected Australia as the first market to launch its renewable home ‘ecosystem.’ Including new hybrid inverters, a hybrid battery, solar panels, and soon an EV charger, the product suite has been certified and is landing on Australian shores “as we speak,” Gavin Owen, Energizer Solar’s Head of APAC Sales, told pv magazine Australia.

Redback Technologies goes into voluntary administration

Australian inverter and battery company Redback Technologies is working to secure new investment after entering into voluntary administration this week. 


Smart Energy Expo: 8.8kg glass-free module launched by China’s Aiko

Chinese solar manufacturer Aiko has introduced an ultra-lightweight 8.8kg module to the Australian market. Aiko has swapped solar glass for high chemical plastic, affording the 450W ‘Air Series’ module its light weight.


Smart Energy Expo: Longi launches anti-dust module for C&I segment

Chinese solar manufacturer Longi has launched a new ‘anti-dust’ module. The feature rests on its design where the frame sit flush with the glass on the short side, allowing water to wash off unimpeded.


Free home solar and battery rollout begins with Diamond partnership – here’s how NRN’s value model works

Australian startup NRN is rolling out its proposition to fit households with solar and batteries at no cost to consumers. Announcing its partnership with retailer Diamond Energy and the completion of a $13.5 million (USD 9.18 million) capital raise, the company believes it’s found the trick to successfully deploying free household renewables by focussing on retailer value. Pv magazine Australia spoke to NRN and experts about how exactly the model works and where the value comes from.

Renewable partnership to see 1 GW of projects added to WA’s main grid

Australian clean energy outfit Atmos Renewables is partnering with UK-based Nomad Energy to help develop a renewable energy project pipeline with over 1 GW of capacity in Western Australia by 2030.