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High-wattage solar modules increase risk of thermal runaway

Longi Solar outlines its high-temperature mitigation logic in designing the lower current, high-wattage Hi-MO5 solar panel series.

Global annual solar deployment to hit 1 TW by 2030

Major players in the solar industry, such as LONGi Solar, are projecting accelerating growth in the near term.

World has installed 1TW of solar capacity

The world has installed its first terawatt of hardware on earth to generate electricity directly from the sun.

World’s largest lithium-ion battery is down, again

The Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility Phase II in the United States set off fire alarms that activated a fault water suppression system, triggering a cascading set of events that resulted in roughly 10 battery packs melting down.


Grazing animals increase carbon sequestration by up to 80% in PV projects

Temple University researchers have found that managed sheep grazing on an acre of recovering agricultural soil with native plants may sequester 1 ton of carbon per year, which could accumulate for 12 to 15 years before reaching saturation.

Tesla Energy results up, but mixed, for 2021; solar makes nary a sound on quarterly call

On the company’s Q4 earnings call, the world-leading EV manufacturer again prioritised delivering cars over growing low-margin energy storage products, while solar products were barely noted. Both verticals grew though, solar by 68% and storage by 32%.


Pulling fertiliser out of thin air with PV

Nitricity has developed an experimental plasma reactor that uses PV electricity to produce competitively priced, environmentally clean, nitrogen fertiliser. Its onsite fertiliser production eliminates emissions from transport, and provides a viable alternative to fossil-based nitrogen fixation methods like the Haber-Bosch process.

Dragonscale solar tiles installed on Google buildings

Some 90,000 individual solar panels will generate enough electricity to cover around 40% of the electricity used in two buildings for Google.

Plastic for solar panels?

Three companies are swapping out aluminium and glass in favour of plastic to save weight and add flexibility. We look at the pros and cons.


Iron flow battery tech shows promise for mid-duration energy storage

The ESS battery systems have a prescribed design life of 25 years, but the battery modules, electrolyte, plumbing, and other components may well last for decades longer with proper maintenance.