Centralised vs decentralised: surge in small-scale utility PV causes inverter decision rethink

While long commissioning delays and approval processes continue to hamper Australia’s utility scale market segment, smaller projects are surging ahead. And given the shift in the market, argues Fimer Australia’s Aaron Zadeh, inverter selection requires a rethink.

First Solar changes course: now selling its thin-film solar panels into the distributed generation market

The utility-scale solar pioneer and specialist is going small. After decades of avoiding distributed generation, its distributors will now offer First Solar’s series 6 modules to “projects and customers of all shapes and sizes.”

Light and shade of 500 W plus solar panels – part II

In the second article in a series, pv magazine editor Pilar Sánchez Molina and industry experts keep discussing the challenges and opportunities created by new panels with power output exceeding 500 W.

‘High brand recognition’ meets modern features in new GE inverter

A new solar inverter is set to arrive on Aussie shores, in the form of the 5 kWp GE rooftop unit. Having received one of the first systems to roll off production lines, SolarQuip’s Glen Morris describes the unit as combining all the features of a modern solar inverter, with “high brand recognition.”


Light and shade of 500 W plus solar modules – part I

In the first article of a series, pv magazine editor Pilar Sánchez Molina analyzes with industry experts challenges and opportunities created by new panels with power output exceeding 500 W.

4 reasons why a gas-led economic recovery is a terrible, naïve idea

Australia’s leading scientists today sent an open letter to Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, speaking out against his support for natural gas.

World’s largest battery storage system now operational

It’s a title that is becoming more contentious by the day, but for the time being, LS Power’s 250 MW Gateway project in San Diego, California, is the biggest storage battery in the world.


JA Solar launches 800 W solar panel

The new product, currently the most powerful panel on the market, was showcased at the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai. Also presented at the fair was a 780 W product from Tongwei and a 660 W module from Trina.


Plan to deploy 1,500 MW/6,000 MWh storage project gets approval in the US

A permit to expand Vistra’s natural gas-fired Moss Landing generation station to 1,500 MW/6,000 MWh has been approved, setting the stage for the world to see gigawatt-scale battery energy storage for the first time ever.


Low-cost, durable catalyst for hydrogen production

Researchers from India’s Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences have developed a coordination polymer-based catalyst for hydrogen production that exhibits exceptionally high durability for 70 hours at a high current density of −300 mA/ cm2.

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