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Longi claims 34.6% efficiency for perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell

The European Solar Test Installation has confirmed Longi’s achievement of a world record-breaking efficiency rating of 34.6% for a perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell.

Weekend read: Southeast Asian solar’s bright future

Ibrahim Ariffin and JP Grayda, from Afry Management Consulting, examine two promising ASEAN markets, the Philippines and Malaysia, and the challenges they face as they strive to hit renewable energy targets. The long-term outlook is broadly positive, despite some uncertainties.

Jemena partners with Solarig for green hydrogen projects

Spanish renewable project developer Solarig has signed an agreement with Australian electricity and gas company Jemena to collaborate on the development of green hydrogen projects, dropping a pin on regional New South Wales.

WA to host clean energy training centre of excellence

Western Australia is on track to become home to the nation’s first clean energy training centre of excellence with the state and federal governments investing $70.5 million over five years to address labour shortages in Australia’s renewable energy transition.

Longi denies rumors about factory closures in Southeast Asia

Chinese manufacturer Longi says it is not shutting down its factory in Malaysia, nor it is idling its production lines in Vietnam, but it acknowledges that it is implementing production adjustments at these facilities.

Study shows all-electric mine fleet already feasible

The decarbonisation of mining operations continues to find support with a new report showing that an all-electric underground fleet for the Cosmos nickel project in Western Australia would be technically feasible and cost competitive with the existing all-diesel operating fleet that was planned.

Queensland targets solar and battery waste stream with $45 million commitment

Queensland businesses can now apply for up to $10 million funding for large-scale recycling projects that tackle commercial and industrial waste and provide recovery solutions for renewable energy technologies, including end-of-life solar panels and batteries.

Austrian startup offers double-axis tracking system for agrivoltaics

Anywhere Solar says its new trackers have a module area of 75 m2 and can host PV systems up to 19 kW in size. When deployed horizontally, the systems allow vehicles up to 4.3 meters high to pass underneath.

Weekend read: Déjà vu on the polysilicon market

Haven’t we been here before? The polysilicon industry is shifting from shortage to oversupply but a few things are different from market cycles of the past, as Bernreuter Research founder Johannes Bernreuter explains.

Weekend read: Perovskites move into production

Perovskites remain a great hope for the future of the solar industry, once the possibilities of tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) and heterojunction PV have been exhausted. A look at the latest perovskite research shows that industry optimism is built on a strong foundation.