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India’s solar pump capacity hits 691.4 MW

The Indian government’s PM KUSUM Scheme supports farmers in installing standalone solar pumps and solarizing existing grid-connected agriculture pumps.

Weekend read: Chaos with no end in sight

We in the solar industry are used to our share of craziness. For us, business as usual is more the exception than the rule. We are used to coping with all sorts of imponderables – chaos as usual. Companies that have mastered this from years of training will probably be able to navigate their businesses through these troubled times. Martin Schachinger of pvXchange finds that it has been a long time since the PV market has been as crazy as it is now. Prices are rising steadily across the board, but not for solar panels.

Solar is the cheapest power, and a literal light-bulb moment showed us we can cut costs and emissions even further

New research suggests we might be able to rethink the type of silicon needed to make high-efficiency solar cells, say researchers from the CSIRO, UNSW and Oxford University.

India’s solar report card for FY 2021-22

India installed 12.3 GW of solar in the 12 months ending March 31, 2022. The nation is expected to add a record 20 GW in the current fiscal year.


Five things to consider in designing and commissioning high performance solar-plus-storage projects

No two projects are alike, and sharing the lessons learned from working on these highly complex systems can help accelerate the deployment of energy storage with essential clean energy assets.

India will have 125 GWh of lithium batteries ready for recycling by 2030

India will see a cumulative demand for around 600 GWh of lithium-ion batteries from 2021 to 2030 across all segments. The recycling volume coming from the deployment of these batteries will be 125 GWh by 2030.


Weekend read: Global module demand to hit 240 GW in 2022

Despite polysilicon shortage-induced high module prices, the market saw strong demand in the usually slower summer season this year, due to the global race to net-zero emissions. Corrine Lin, chief analyst at PV InfoLink, expects demand to reach 240 GW, with China and Europe set to contribute more than 80 GW and 50 GW, respectively. Together with the United States, which has paused the introduction of new solar tariffs, the three largest markets will dominate nearly 70% of global demand.


Indian state of Gujarat tenders 1.5 GW of solar

Solar developers have until Aug. 23 to bid for the rights to build up to 1.5 GW of grid-connected solar projects under 25-year power purchase agreements.

This is Australia’s most important report on the environment’s deteriorating health. We present its grim findings

Australia’s State of the Environment report was released today, after its publication was delayed by the former Morrison government until after the federal election. The review, completed by scientists last year, was described by the new environment and water minister, Tanya Plibersek, has a “shocking document” showing Australia’s environment has been deteriorating and is in poor condition. Professors from the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales present the findings.


India may miss 2030 renewables target by over 104 GW

The nation may miss its 2030 target of 500 GW renewables capacity by over 104 GW under the current market trend.