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Global energy storage fleet to surpass 1 TW/3 TWh by 2033, WoodMac says

According to the latest forecast from Wood Mackenzie, the global energy storage market (excluding pumped hydro) is on track to reach 159 GW/358 GWh by the of 2024 and grow by more than 600% by 2033, with nearly 1 TW of new capacity expected to come online.

Long-duration energy storage poised to outcompete lithium-ion batteries

While most long-duration energy storage (LDES) technologies are still early stage and costly compared to lithium-ion batteries, some have already, or are, set to achieve lower costs for longer durations, finds BloombergNEF.

Weekend read: Enhancing safety in lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are generally safe and unlikely to fail but they can catch fire if they are damaged or stored or operated incorrectly. There is a tremendous amount of research and engineering effort going into making batteries safer but are technological advancements being rolled out quickly enough?

System design for PV-driven hybrid EV charging stations

Researchers in India have simulated a 4 kW solar power-based hybrid electric vehicle charging station using a three-stage charging strategy and found that the station is capable of charging 10–12 EVs with 48 V 30 Ah lithium-ion batteries.

Tesla reports record energy storage deployment figures

Tesla’s global electric vehicle sales are plummeting, but its energy storage business is surging, with more than 4 GWh deployed in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

Iron-based redox flow battery for grid-scale storage

Researchers in the United States have repurposed a commonplace chemical used in water treatment facilities to develop an all-liquid, iron-based redox flow battery for large-scale energy storage. Their lab-scale battery exhibited strong cycling stability over 1,000 consecutive charging cycles, while maintaining 98.7% of its original capacity.

Researchers link multiple microgrids with V2G for more flexible, economic system

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney, Deakin University and Murdoch University have developed a reconfigurable multi-microgrid system that can better respond to the changing load profiles by leveraging the power of V2G technology.

New solid state battery charges in minutes, lasts for thousands of cycles

A team of researchers in the United States have developed a new lithium metal battery that can be charged and discharged at least 6,000 times — more than any other pouch battery cell — and can be recharged in a matter of minutes.

Fortress debuts high-voltage, all-in-one residential battery

Unite States-based manufacturer Fortress Power’s Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System combines a hybrid inverter, high-voltage battery, and a smart energy panel in an all-in-one, whole-home backup system.

Transformer shortages: New bottleneck of the energy storage supply chain

Transformer shortages are taking their toll on battery energy storage system (BESS) integrators, as competition in the market intensifies.

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