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Partnership targets expansion of solar carparks

Sydney-based Solar Car Parks has partnered with Schletter Australia to launch the Heliopark range of solar car ports in Australia and Asia. Solar Car Parks says that beyond shading and power production, the Heliopark system can help prepare shopping centres for increasing demand from Evs.


Long read: The decade of perovskite PV

About 10 years ago, perovskite solar cells (PSCs) made their entry into the world of PV with a power conversion efficiency of 3.8%. Fast forward to 2020, and PSCs are the talk of the town, with a string of impressive laboratory achievements to their name. Global research efforts have shifted toward PSCs as efficiencies keep on getting thrashed on a regular basis. But is it too soon to say that the technology is ready for commercialization?


EnergyLab to help renewable startups take the next step

EnergyLab has launched an ARENA funded scaleup program. More than ever, Australia is witnessing immense interest in startups in the energy sector. EnergyLab supports these startups and through this new scaleup program, aims to support late-stage clean energy startups.

ARENA funded project for all-in-one battery

An ARENA backed project has resulted in an all-in-one battery storage that could simplify batteries for a number of applications. Australian-based Relectrify was behind the project which could see the inverter and battery management system combined in one unit. 


Retailers drive solar PPA adoption

A growing number of Australian electricity retailers are facilitating solar PPA adoption, allowing uptake to maintain strong. BRC-A is continuing to chart the PPA uptake as it prepares to release its guide for mid-sized buyers.


How UQ scored a quantum dot efficiency world record

In early 2020, a team of researchers at University of Queensland announced that it had managed to break the world record for quantum dot solar cells. The UQ researchers did so by synthesizing a quantum dot solar cell from a halide perovskite and using a surface engineering strategy to improve the optoelectronic quality of the perovskite quantum dots.

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