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Swiss team sets record solar-to-hydrogen rate

Researchers from Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have unveiled a new solar dish plant design, while Plug Power has delivered its first electrolyser system to Europe.

Australia tries to boost hydrogen competitiveness

Finance consultancy explains in a new report that the levelised cost of green hydrogen (LCOH) is well below USD 2/kg with subsidies. Using either PEM and alkaline electrolysers, green hydrogen normally has a lower levelised cost than pink hydrogen. Meanwhile, Australian authorities are trying to increase the competitiveness of the local hydrogen sector, and car companies are updating their fuel cell plans.


Global hydrogen pipeline projects to surge by 2035, says Rystad

Norwegian consultancy Rystad Energy says that hydrogen pipelines will be “far better” than vessels at moving hydrogen over short- and medium-range distances in the years ahead.

Strong interest in hydrogen certification, Bureau Veritas reports

Bureau Veritas tells pv magazine that there is a great deal of interest in hydrogen certification schemes in Australia, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.

Europe to launch hydrogen auctions

The European Commission says it will set up the new European Hydrogen Bank by the end of this year, with additional plans to hand out 10-year contracts in a new hydrogen auction. Meanwhile, Fortescue Future Industries is setting up a project in Kenya.

BMW unveils hydrogen car demonstration fleet

BMW has launched its iX5 Hydrogen vehicle pilot fleet, with plans to start production by the end of the decade. Everfuel and Hy24, meanwhile, have launched a joint venture to accelerate hydrogen development in Scandinavia.


Global hydrogen pipeline plummets in Q4 2022

Wood Mackenzie says in a newly published report that new hydrogen capacity announcements fell year on year in 2022, while researchers claim that green hydrogen heating systems will probably not replace gas boilers in European homes.

Weekend Read: All of the above

Competition is intensifying in the electrolyser space. With the International Energy Agency (IEA) expecting 380 GW of hydrogen production capacity in 2030, four different technologies will likely become prominent as demand spikes. We take a look at the market.

Novel design for high-power PEM fuel cells

UNSW Sydney researchers have developed an algorithm to enhance images of PEM fuel cells, meanwhile South Korean researchers have revealed a scalable production method for platinum-based fuel cell catalysts. Germany has moved forward on its hydrogen strategy by signing agreements with Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Europe introduces new green hydrogen rules

The European Commission has presented the final version of its new rules for green hydrogen, with looser requirements to qualify hydrogen as “green.”

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