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The number of climate deniers in Australia is more than double the global average, new survey finds

Australian news consumers are far more likely to believe climate change is “not at all” serious compared to news users in other countries. That’s according to new research that surveyed 2,131 Australians about their news consumption in relation to climate change.

Australian scientists develop new transparent electrode material

Scientists in Australia have developed a new transparent conductive oxide which could be used in solar cells, smart windows and other applications. The material is indium free and recyclable, according to the researchers.

New Battery Performance Standard proposed for Australia, and possibly the world

A new Battery Performance Standard for residential and small-scale commercial applications has finally been submitted to Standards Australia. If adopted, the standard could clarify consumer confusion around which energy storage system is right for them.


Hydrogen storage in salt caverns

Researchers in Germany have identified salt caverns as a feasible and flexible solution for hydrogen storage. They also revealed that Europe has the potential to inject hydrogen in bedded salt deposits and salt domes, with a total storage capacity of 84.8 PWh.

Marinus in a blink

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced six of 15 projects to be fast-tracked for jobs creation, among them the Marinus Link interconnector between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, which promises to unlock renewable projects on either side of Bass Strait.

Meet the conductor tuning orchestras of rooftop resources

Andrew Mears, Founder and CEO of software company SwitchDin says rooftop solar is set to realise its full stack of value, for consumers, electricity retailers, network providers and the grid operator.

Monash researchers propose new approach to energy management in microgrids

Monash University researchers have developed an energy exchange framework to better manage distributed energy resources, which they say will help consumers lower their power costs. The applicability of this perspective is demonstrated through the university’s landmark on-site microgrid.


Hazer raises $8.4m for wastewater-to-renewable hydrogen project

Perth-based Hazer Group has completed an $8.4 million share placement that will be used towards a project that will turn wastewater into green hydrogen and graphite using technology developed by the University of Western Australia.

World’s first self-drifting solar boat

The pilotless, high-speed solar boat, now under development by Russian scientists, purportedly has unlimited power reserves. It could be used for marine patrols, search and rescue operations, and cargo delivery, they said.

Meet the Sydney startup forecasting our renewable energy future

pv magazine Australia sits down with Fulcrum 3D, the provider of the most accurate ground-based forecasting technologies for the solar and wind sectors. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of knowledge ahead of time can make.


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