Small-scale technology certificate market update – December 2018


Current market observations

  • 5.5 million small-scale technology certificates (STCs) remained in the market following quarter three surrender on 28 October 2018. As at 20 December 2018, there were over 11 million registered STCs in the market.
  • Solar PV installations and installed capacity have continued to grow in the latter half of 2018; there have been 193,960 installations with a combined capacity of 1337 megawatts (MW) that have been validated so far this year. Due to the 12 month creation rule, we expect that the actual installed capacity for 2018 will likely exceed 1600 megawatts.
  • The surplus against the 2018 small-scale technology percentage (STP) is estimated to be between six and eight million STCs by the end of the year.
  • We expect the 2019 STP is likely to be higher than the non-binding STP of 12.13 percent published earlier in the year.

For the complete STC market update please read the Small-scale technology certificate market update – December.