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Australian Capital Territory

New Energy eyes bigger battery for Wallaroo Solar Farm

Spanish-Japanese renewable energy company Univergy Solar and Australian partner New Energy Development have revealed a 75 MW/150 MWh battery energy storage system is likely to be coupled with the proposed 100 MW Wallaroo Solar Farm being developed near the border between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

ANU researchers claim 29% efficiency world record for bifacial solar cell

Researchers at The Australian National University claim to have set a world record for bifacial solar PV cell efficiency that they say could boost the energy output of solar farms by 30%.

UNSW research team to target improved solar PV cells after funding win

Researchers at the University of New South Wales will look to improve the quality of advanced solar PV cells after the project secured a share of more than $1.5 million in the latest round of the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Linkage Project Grants.

ANU researchers go round the twist with latest ultra-thin solar discovery

Researchers at The Australian National University working on the photovoltaic potential of ultra-thin 2D materials have made an interesting discovery, the ability of these diaphanous materials to generate solar energy can be controlled by a mere “twist”.


ANU opens new lab dedicated to testing distributed energy resources

The Australian National University today opened its Distributed Energy Resources Lab, dedicated to researching and testing technologies including batteries, solar panels and electric vehicles which it says will “underpin the energy grids of the future”.

ACT investigates solar PV stewardship scheme as government puts deadline in place

The federal government’s revelation of a deadline for the solar industry to “step up” and address the growing issue of solar PV module waste or face regulation has coincided with the Australian Capital Territory government announcing plans to investigate recycling options for solar panels.


New ACT big battery to pull off hydrogen, solar and VPP storage trifecta!

Elvin Group Renewables has constructed a 5 MWh Tesla Megapack to help ensure stability of energy supply in Canberra’s new northern suburbs and the wider grid. Its plans to proliferate the model are audacious.


ACT faces ‘substantial’ electricity bill increase, Evoenergy blames renewable energy targets

Evoenergy has blamed the Australian Capital Territory’s renewable energy targets for its proposed price hike, which would see average residential customers pay around 40% more for network charges, amounting to around $280 per year.

Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling station opens in Canberra

Delivered by Neoen and ActewAGL, Australia’s first hydrogen vehicle refuelling station today opened in Canberra, catering to the state government’s new fleet of Hyundai Nexo hydrogen cars.


Australia’s biggest community solar farm starts feeding into the grid

This annual 1.8 GWh of green power came out of a long-nurtured passion project, and can now provide a successful template for other community groups to think big in their renewable energy aspirations.