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RMIT researchers invent water battery with large-scale grid potential

A global team of researchers and industry collaborators, led by RMIT University in Melbourne, have invented recyclable “water batteries” that potentially mitigate safety concerns for large-scale grid energy.

Rooftop solar capacity to outpace all other renewables combined

A new Green Energy Markets (GEM) report to AEMO confirms the future domination of Australian roof-top solar panel and battery system installations are projected to have a cumulative solar capacity potential of between 66 GW and 98.5 GW by 2054.


Tidal wave of investment gives Queensland’s energy transition momentum

Independent Australian think tank Climate Energy Finance (CEF) finds public and private capital is rapidly transitioning Queensland from its dependence on coal and methane gas for electricity generation. The findings were published today in a new report.

UNSW research finds high temperatures increase module degradation

A UNSW study has shown that hotter temperatures, as result of climate change, means solar panels are at greater risk of degradation. Prolonged exposure to harsher outdoor conditions increase the cost of solar energy in hotter Australian regions.

$14 million momentum for home grown renewable technology expansion

The federal government is to provide advanced technology and skills development to businesses looking to locally manufacture renewable energy technologies, following a $14 million fund to create the Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre.

Federal government joins WA in supporting nickel miners

The federal and WA governments are stepping in to support struggling nickel producers with tax credits, critical listing grants, and rebates. 


Action over rhetoric, calls to see PM’s ambition followed with funding

Anthony Albanese’s plan to fund Australia’s quest to become a renewable energy superpower and position itself as a global player for decarbonisation and clean energy doesn’t move fast or bold enough, according to industry experts.

Renewed focus on electricity network for reliability, climate objectives

As Victorian homeowners call for better grid infrastructure after outages left thousands without power this week, new data from research company Rystad Energy suggests the whole world’s transmission network may be a stumbling block to energy transition.

60 MW Shady Creek Solar Farm wins development approval

Ireland-headquartered Elgin Energy Australia have announced approval from the Victorian government to develop the 60 MW Shady Creek Solar Farm and 60 MW / 120 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS), located on Bayleys Road, Yarragon, Victoria.

Queensland offgrid project upgrade demonstrates power of modern PV

A secluded island residence off-grid system receives new tech upgrade. The additional power and bang-for-buck demonstrates the new era of offgrid living available to Australian remote households.


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