Bali volcano threat prompts distribution of solar-powered TVs, kits


The Indonesian-based non-profit, which delivers low-cost technologies to residents in developing countries via crowdfunding. It has been providing people affected by active volcano, Mount Agung in Bali, with equipment to staff informed and deal with the effects of ash clouds.

In addition to handing out masks and goggles for protection against the ash, solar TV’s have been distributed to keep residents updated on safety measures and the development of volcanic activity. Educational materials, water filters and solar lights are also being issued.

There are further plans to roll out solar kits early this month. Anne Baranova, spokeswoman for Kopernic, told pv magazine the NGO will supply evacuation centers with simple solar systems that can charge mobile phones, provide light sources and power a USB-compatible TV.

The solar kits – JouleBox 500 Complete, manufactured by Mysundaya – have pre-programmed disaster education materials installed on them. They are set to be distributed by Kopernic early this month, and comprise a lithium-ion battery, solar panels, plug and play cables and on/off switches, LED lights, a USB device and 12v charging ports.

According to Mysundaya, the battery can store 5 times the capacity of a standard 10,000 mAh power bank, and can be charged in 3.75 hours in direct sunlight.