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Leapton Energy launches 20.48 kWh residential battery

Japan’s Leapton Energy has developed a 20.48 kWh residential battery energy storage system featuring storage capacities starting at 5.12 kWh, utilising lithium iron phosphate technology.

DAH Solar launches 380 W BIPV module

The Chinese manufacturer said the new product has an efficiency of up to 19.46% and a temperature coefficient of -0.30% per C. It is available in bright red, light gray, brown, green, blue-green, orange, and ocean blue.

US module maker signs deal to build mega factory in Indonesia

United States-headquartered module maker SEG Solar has struck a deal for the development and operation of a PV manufacturing facility on the Indonesian island of Java with a production capacity of 5 GW of silicon wafers, 5 GW of solar cells, and 5 GW of PV modules.

Weekend read: From Mumbai to Bondi

Economic cooperation between India and Australia may open doors for investment in clean energy technology but challenges still abound in a competitive global market. Vibhuti Garg and Shantanu Srivastava, of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, discuss the role that public funding and resource pooling could play in supporting manufacturing ambitions.


Longi announces 27.30% efficiency for heterojunction back contact solar cell

The Chinese module manufacturer said the new efficiency record was confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH).


Winaico launches new series of n-type TOPCon solar modules

Taiwanese manufacturer Winaico says its new 430 W glass-glass tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) modules have a power conversion efficiency of 22.02%.

China’s pivot to renewables presents challenges and opportunities for Australia

China’s energy landscape is undergoing a staggering transformation propelled by its leadership in cleantech innovation, declining costs in renewable energy technologies and a massive acceleration of its renewables build out, underpinned by central policy support that sees decarbonisation as a key economic goal.

Singapore developer reveals 1 GW solar farm plan for north Queensland

The renewables arm of Singapore-based fund manager Cambridge RE Partners has unveiled plans for its first Australian project, announcing it has submitted a development application to establish a 300 MW solar farm in northern Queensland.


South Korea plans 120 GW space solar project

Two Korean research institutes are designing a space solar power satellite project with the aim of providing approximately 1 TWh of electricity to the Earth per year. The proposed system would use 4,000 sub-solar arrays measuring 10 metres × 270 metres and comprising thin film roll-out, with a system power efficiency of 13.5%.


Pacific Green inks 1.5 GWh supply agreement with Trina Storage

Trina Storage has struck a deal to supply 1.5 GWh of integrated energy storage solutions to Pacific Green which has plans to construct what is to be one of Australia’s largest grid-scale battery energy storage systems.

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