Iconic Mercedes-Benz star to disappear from residential market

Daimler AG is reorganizing its subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz Energy. “We continually review our activities, collaborations and investments, adapting our product planning to changing circumstances,” a spokeswoman for the German car manufacturer told pv magazine. “This is also in the field of energy storage.”

Since mid-2016, the carmaker has been active in the field of residential battery storage – not only in Germany, but also in the U.S. It set up its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy specifically for its battery storage business. It was not yet active in supplying residential storage to the Australian market.

“Even if today different synergy effects are recognizable between the automotive and stationary battery systems, our current analysis shows that the economy of home energy storage based on automotive battery systems will not be available in the medium and long term,” the spokesperson added.

“In particular, the performance requirements of highly complex automotive battery systems exceed by far the values ​​required for the home storage market.”

As a result of this, Daimler is now planning a “refocusing” of its subsidiary. In the future, the company intends to devote itself to the “development and construction of stationary energy storage devices for the company’s grid business – for example, second-use and replacement battery storage.”

Among other things, Daimler has participated in a 13 MW second-use project in Lünen, which utilized used vehicle batteries to stabilize the grid. The company has also already realized its first projects with replacement batteries, along with Stadtwerke Hannover.

These storage systems are often referred to as a “spare parts storage”, as car makers have to stock the battery modules for a few years. Daimler also integrates these into stationary large-capacity storage facilities, in order to provide network services.

Daimler will continue to offer residential battery storage, but no longer under its own Mercedes-Benz brand. “Stationary home storage systems will continue to complement the offering. However, in future Daimler will use selected cooperation partners with the aim of continuing to offer our customers attractive and appropriate solutions,” the spokesperson said.

Further details on possible cooperation partners or future sales models were not provided. However, the Daimler spokesperson said that no further residential storage products under the Mercedes-Benz brand will be produced at the Kamenz site. The  battery systems with the iconic Mercedes star on the front will thus disappear from the market.

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