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German manufacturer unveils 10 kWh residential redox flow battery

Prolux Solutions has developed a redox flow battery with a charging and discharging capacity of 4 kW and 5 kW of peak power. It is designed to be coupled with PV systems in homes with high consumption profiles.


Researchers assess degradation in PV systems older than 15 years

Scientists have used the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) HOMER software to calculate the degradation of solar panels deployed in two rooftop PV systems operating in Germany since 2003. Their calculations focused on the energy productivity of the systems.

Qcells builds pilot line for perovskite-silicon tandem PV cells in South Korea

Qcells says it is building a pilot line for perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells that will start operations later this year in South Korea. It is working closely with its team in Germany, where it has already established another pilot line for tandem cells.

India to join Germany’s green hydrogen strategy update

India will use its internal market to scale up hydrogen projects, with Germany as a possible export destination. As part of a broader strategy, the countries will collaborate on a financial and technological level on energy transition projects.

A closer look at Longi’s world record-breaking, 26.81%-efficient heterojunction solar cell

An international research group led by Longi Central R&D Institute has published a paper describing Longi’s heterojunction solar cell based on a full-size silicon wafer that made a sensation in November, as it beat the long-lasting efficiency record held by Japanese manufacturer Kaneka for years. The researchers attributed the cell efficiency improvement to the implementation of a p-type amorphous silicon hydrogenated layer together with a modified transparent conductive oxides contact, which they said greatly reduced the cell contact resistivity.

Fraunhofer ISE produces hydrogen via PEM electrolyser with seawater

Fraunhofer ISE scientists have optimised a technical concept for a hydrogen plant at sea. They claim that their design is “technically and economically viable.”

Plug-and-play PV system for garden fences

German PV product supplier Green Akku says that its new PV system can be vertically attached to fences. It reportedly generates more solar power, even in winter.


SMA unveils new commercial battery storage solution

Germany’s SMA has developed a modular lithium-ion solution for commercial storage applications. It comes in two versions, with capacities of 32 kWh and 56 kWh. The two variants feature SMA Sunny Tripower Storage X battery inverters, with up to 8,000 complete charge cycles.

Fluence introduces utility-scale battery for transmission networks

Storage specialist Fluence has launched Ultrastack, a battery energy storage system (BESS) for storage-as-transmission assets. It is designed to help network owners and operators to manage renewables curtailment, increase the use of power lines, and limit congestion.

Altech reveals 1 MWh sodium chloride battery GridPack design

Western Australian battery technology company Altech Batteries has included “game-changing” sodium chloride technology in the design of its new battery 1 MWh GridPack which is expects will be up to 40% cheaper to produce than the dominant lithium-ion alternatives.


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