Storage market attracts new entrant: Italian battery controller Bamboo


Elemize reports that it has completed trials of its Bamboo storage controller with Italian energy players Enel, Edison and Evolvere. Having established a track record and experience through these projects, it is now turning to the fast-growing Australian distributed battery storage market.

In a statement announcing the move, Elemize says that while Europe holds future potential, Australia already has the regulatory framework in place for aggregation of distributed storage – through the use of controllers like Bamboo.

“Australia has already put in place a regulation that facilitates the implementation of advanced energy aggregation projects, which are made profitable by the pressure on reducing network costs and the possibility to provide ancillary services from virtual power plants,” reads the Elemize statement released last week.

The Bamboo unit controls battery converters, unifying control protocols used to communicate between devices. Elemize says it provides an API to developers allowing it to be used by a range of utilities or suppliers.

For VPPs and similar concepts to become widespread, their provision will have to be allowed on a hardware agnostic basis. To date, a number of trials are underway in Australia in which one or a small number of battery or power electronic suppliers have been involved.

Alongside applications in VPPs, Elemize reports that the Bamboo can allow for the participation in demand response programs, alongside for consumers looking to deploy various battery operation strategies – such as peak shaving.

An Elemize team will be traveling to Australia to explore energy aggregation projects to which the Bamboo could be well suited.

Elemize has the backing of Italian electricity retailer Sorgenia, which has 200,000 customers. The company primarily supplies utility scale asset monitoring software and data portals – through which project O&M and performance can be optimized.


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