Solax introduces hybrid inverter for 200% PV system oversizing


From pv magazine Global

Solax has introduced a three-phase hybrid inverter with the capability of achieving a 200% oversizing of a PV system.

The Chinese manufacturer said the new inverters feature a switchover time of less than 10 milliseconds, guaranteeing a smooth transition to backup power. The devices can also handle a 200% emergency power supply (EPS) overload for up to 10 seconds and can be paired with a wide range of loads.

“The X3-Ultra is designed to seamlessly integrate with all types of PV panels, allowing for a maximum 36 A DC input per MPPT,” the manufacturer said. “This ensures optimal performance and compatibility with a wide range of solar setups.”

The new product has dimensions of 696 mm x 529 mm x 240 mm and weighs 47 kg. It is offered in five versions, with rated power outputs ranging from 15 kW to 30 kW.

The hybrid inverters also offer battery voltages ranging from 180 V to 800 V and a maximum charge/discharge current of 60 A. Solax said its dual battery ports provide the flexibility to connect batteries either separately or in parallel for various energy storage configurations.

The inverters can allocate power independently to each phase, with control down to 0 W per phase, offering a maximum of 10 kW output on a single phase. Solax said that the X3-Ultra can provide 100% unbalanced output, permitting feed-in power down to zero on each phase.

The new inverters also feature isolated sampling, arc fault circuit interrupters, and surge protective devices on both the AC and DC sides.

“The inverter also boasts Intelligent Loads Management, extending support to electric vehicles and heat pumps, making it a forward-thinking choice for the modern energy landscape,” Solax said.

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