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Diamond bright, QUT researchers shine light on energy storage solution

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have proposed a new design of a diamond nanothread bundle that could found a new form of mechanical storage, which, pound-for-pound, is three times more powerful than lithium-ion batteries.


QUT to drive green hydrogen export through LNG-focused research center

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers say they will play a key part in developing the green hydrogen export industry by driving production, storage and transport projects under the auspices of the newly established Future Energy Exports (FEnEx) Cooperative Research Centre.

QUT: A titanium solar cell with 24% efficiency

The Australian research team which developed the device said the higher efficiency was achieved through a nanowire design which eliminates the interface inside the titanium dioxide band.

QUT at the forefront of Australia’s hydrogen push

As the momentum is building behind hydrogen in Australia and abroad, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is leading the way in research and development with a range of initiatives on the ground.

QUT researchers discover process to lower the cost of renewable hydrogen

Hydrogen holds promise for harnessing renewables to produce clean fuel for transport, grow a green energy-export industry, and overcome seasonal intermittency challenges in the grid. On the road to viable hydrogen production every cost-efficiency measure counts.


Low-cost, ‘graphene-enhanced’ perovskite solar cells to be produced in funded Wagga Wagga project

Two Australian companies working in solar R&D have been awarded over $2 million (USD 1.3 million) for a project seeking to commercialise ultra-low-cost, flexible perovskite solar cell fabrication. The solar cells will be “graphene-enhanced” and are to be produced in Halocell’s Wagga Wagga plant in NSW.


Sparc reports ‘exceptional’ results in sodium-ion battery project

Australian battery technology innovator Sparc Technologies is reporting “exceptional” results in its campaign to develop sustainably sourced hard carbon material for the production of anodes for the nascent sodium-ion battery market.

162 MW Queensland solar farm begins commercial operations

The Queensland government’s push for 70% of the state’s energy supply to come from renewables by 2032 has received a boost with the completed 162 MW Columboola Solar Farm in the state’s Western Downs region now sending renewable energy to the grid.


Big boost for Queensland battery-powered jobs

The Queensland government will deliver a boost to the state’s place in the energy storage revolution through a $15 million investment to scale up the National Battery Testing Centre (NBTC), based in Banyo on Brisbane’s northside.

Queensland uni seeks to verify tech claiming to improve hydrogen fuel cell efficiency by 60%

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology are testing technology which claims to increase the output of hydrogen fuel cells by as much as 60%, put forth by Australian transport technology company, Titan Hydrogen.


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