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Queensland uni seeks to verify tech claiming to improve hydrogen fuel cell efficiency by 60%

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology are testing technology which claims to increase the output of hydrogen fuel cells by as much as 60%, put forth by Australian transport technology company, Titan Hydrogen.


Hydrogen-powered vehicles join Queensland’s decarbonised transport revolution

Some of Queensland’s first hydrogen-powered cars have hit the streets and are revving their way towards a zero-emissions travel revolution.

REC Group launches second generation N-Peak solar panel

The new REC N-Peak 2 solar panel is REC Group’s third product release in as many months.

How a Queensland city’s co-location past is fuelling its green hydrogen future

In the world of renewable energy, the past carries charge. It can be an anchor, a learning curve, a hurdle. In Bundaberg, it’s quite literally the fuel for the future. And that green future is being energised by an unusual crew: its local government.


Why green hydrogen is reaching tipping point

An increasingly dynamic low-carbon hydrogen market has seen a deluge of government support, corporate commitments, announced projects and even bystander intrigue over the past 18 months. We believe this activity amounts to a paradigm shift which will see green hydrogen – hydrogen created from the electrolysis of water using renewable energy – emerge as a key element of the energy transition.


Lion Energy sniffs green hydrogen potential and pads over to Queensland

Two significant Australian-based industrial corporations, which impact global transport and building sectors, have signed an MOU to explore green hydrogen opportunities in Queensland.

Hair! Coming to a next-generation solar cell near you

A human hair derivative has been found to protect, stabilise and enhance the performance of perovskite solar cells.


Queensland scientists’ remarkable renewably powered carbon capture breakthrough

Scientists from the Queensland University of Technology have made a remarkable breakthrough in carbon capture and storage with a novel electrochemical process which can not only store carbon dioxide in water non-toxically with the power of solar or wind, but also produces by-products including green hydrogen and calcium carbonate, perhaps the key to decarbonising the cement industry.


Huawei unveils its latest FusionSolar Smart PV offerings

Huawei has launched its latest cutting edge FusionSolar Smart PV offerings at a special industry event in Sydney to meet the growing demands for smarter solutions in a booming Australian solar sector in which 4,000MW of new capacity was added in 2020 taking total capacity to nearly 20,200MW.

Cleantech Solar celebrates the launch of a 1 MW PV system for Tan Chong Subaru Automotive in Thailand

Cleantech Solar and Tan Chong Subaru Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd (TCSAT) inaugurated a 1 MW system on the rooftops of TCSAT’s office building and assembly plant located in Lat Krabang Industrial Estate, near Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. The installation includes over 3000 solar panels at TCSAT.

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