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Freedom Foods solar+storage array hits 500 MWh monthly output

Freedom Foods Group’s Shepparton site solar+storage array in Victoria has produced more than 3 GWh of clean energy in its first nine months of operation.  The array is the first project in Australia to employ Fimer’s largest string inverters – the PVS-175. The project is claimed to be one of the largest single rooftop solar power installations in Australia.

Aussie startup looks to boost ‘mid-scale’ PV segment through crowd equity

For Komo Energy founders Jonathan Prendergast and Gerald Arends, today has been equal parts terrifying and exciting. This morning, the solar development startup launched their crowd equity offering.

‘Disrupters’ tip Australia to become world’s biggest VPP in 2021

As Australia’s home battery market begins to catch up to its install residential solar capacity the opportunity for large-scale virtual power plants is verging on reality. Indeed, Solar Service Group’s new Solar + Battery Members’ Plan could see Australia host the world’s largest virtual power plant next year.


Western Power completes deployment of 52 stand-alone power systems in Australia first

Over 50 stand-alone power systems (SPS) units installed by Western Power are now operating in regional properties across Western Australia (WA). The landmark off-grid program is the largest single such deployment by a network business in the country.

Australia still finding its feet on the coveted path to digitalised data

While the desire for data to support smarter grids is clear, actually digitalising said data to make it communicable around Australia is proving a thornier operation. Ultimately, it requires Australia’s grid operators to undergo nothing short of a metamorphosis – transitioning from operating networks to becoming network operators.

WA Affordability Experiment home applauded for innovation but limited in solar scope

In an effort to glean insights into the cost efficiency of sustainable housing, the Western Australian government in conjunction with private partners this week launched an Affordability Experiment home.

CEFC annual report glowing with ‘prudent investment’

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has published its annual report this week, a report glowing with the hue of ‘prudent investment’ according to the CEFC Chair. The report emphasises the prudence and efficacy of the green bank’s mandate despite attempts by the Morrison Government to siphon off funds for fossil-fuel investments.


Power Ledger to expand into North American market following successful trial

Power Ledger is slated to roll out its blockchain-enabled energy trading software in the North American market following a successful trial with private electricity provider American PowerNet (APN).

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