Octopus intel to power Origin customer experience

In coming years digital services will transform end-to-end energy management, from the point of generation to bill payment. Origin Energy has announced plans to adopt Octopus’s Kraken platform as it also buys a piece of the tech-tailer’s action.

New hydrogen fund: Can we get bang from 300 million bucks?

The Morrison Government claims that BloombergNEF ranks its new commitment and cumulative investment in hydrogen as among the largest made by any country. But there’s more to investment than largesse, as BNEF recently ascertained in a study of the economic case for hydrogen.

Keeping it human: Australian IT company joins RE100

Data centres chew through electricity at an incredible, constant rate. One Australian IT-industry leader pledges to plug into renewables for its entire power load as RE100 picks another winner.

Nectr executive scores CEC Women in Renewables AICD scholarship

At start-up Australian renewable-energy retailer Nectr, an executive team champions diversity, and its strategy leader takes home a scholarship to boost women’s confidence in corporate governance. The future looks refreshingly different.


Code red! Agricultural solar hit by NSW Environmental Planning Policy Amendment

The New South Wales solar industry hailed last week’s amendment to the state planning laws, which allows installation of larger rooftop solar systems on households and businesses without council approvals. But omission of a previous enabling clause from the legislation will add cost and delays to ground-mounted solar developments of more than 30 kW.

Stepping on the gas

Australia’s leader, Scott Morrison, and several of his ministers, including the Minister for Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor, try at every opportunity to push more homegrown gas into the country’s energy mix. With global gas at rock-bottom prices, they’re now touting a gas-led recovery. What’s right and wrong with this picture?


It’s not over easy, but things are looking Sunny Central up in the West Murray

pv magazine’s social media and comments are clamouring for more information on how the West Murray challenge is being won. SMA and AEMO will keep us updated as testing of an inverter-based solution progresses throughout this week, but here’s the latest on the Sunny Central inverter family and the team that makes it play in tune.

Testing, testing … 5 West Murray solar farms to return to full throttle? 

This week is crunch time for the testing of an SMA-devised solution to the system-strength issue that has kept five solar farms generating at half capacity for seven months. If successful, the fix has positive implications for connecting more solar in Victoria, Queensland, the Northern Territory and beyond.

NT Solar installations fall as FIT slashed by 66%

The Northern Territory Government stated openly that it would fund its new household and business battery scheme by massively reducing the feed-in tariff paid to new rooftop generators. The immediate result seems to have been an instant retreat from rooftop solar installation that threatens NT solar businesses.


NEM 5-minute settlement delayed until 2022

Australia’s energy regulators say their COVID-19 power plan released last week is designed to ease regulatory pressure on the industry and strike a balance on reforms and changes: some must continue at pace while others will be slowed or deferred.


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