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Check your mirrors: 3 things rooftop solar can teach us about Australia’s electric car rollout

Governments and car manufacturers are investing hundreds of billions of dollars on electric vehicles. But while the electric transport revolution is inevitable, the final destination remains unknown.

Portable solar carport designed by student wins Genius award

Dubbed Gismo Power, the appliance is entirely mobile, can be grid-connected, and may be folded for storage.

Tesla boss declares Australia can power renewable energy age

Tesla has revealed it expects to spend more than $1 billion a year on raw materials from Australia for its batteries but the electric vehicles giant said the nation has the chance to secure a much more lucrative slice of the global supply chain as the world transitions to renewable energy.


New commercial e-vans hook up with Evie Networks charging for low-cost, low-carbon delivery services

E-commerce has gone through the roof since Covid-19 emerged, adding carbon kilometres to every purchase. A partnership between Trevor St Baker’s interests and TrueGreen Mobility is targeting the light-commercial vehicle class for an electric take over.

Rystad doubles IEA calculations on solar PV required by 2050 — think 50,000 TWh

Solar rules in any scenario of what the world needs to work towards over the coming three decades, to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees. But analysts at Rystad Energy have arrived at a far greater tally than recent IEA projections of how much PV people will be plugging into.


Commonwealth puts $20 mill into Amber, helping energy customers ditch exxie fossil fuels for renewables

That’s the Commonwealth Bank of Australia we’re talking about, not the Commonwealth Government … but someone has to lead the way. Sustainability-savvy CBA is placing an investment bet on innovative energy retailer, Amber.

Australia’s Tritium targets global expansion on back of $1.55 billion deal

Australian electric vehicle charging company Tritium has sealed a $1.55 billion merger deal with a United States-based special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) which will see it publicly listed on the Nasdaq.

Motoring body says EVs at turning point as road tax passes

A national motoring body has called on the Federal Government to “provide leadership”, declaring the rollout of electric vehicles in Australia is facing significant roadblocks.


Sunday read: the ‘other side’ of batteries

Graphite’s pivotal role in electric-vehicle battery technology is coming under increasing scrutiny. Graphite is almost exclusively produced in China, and while the processing of the mineral poses serious environmental issues, the alternatives appear costly. Ian Morse looks at what’s next for critical graphite supplies.

The budget should have been a road to Australia’s low-emissions future. Instead, it’s a flight of fancy

Professor John Quiggin from the School of Economics at the University of Queensland on where the federal budget falls down.

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