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Hydrogen buses less efficient than battery models

Italian researchers have compared the performance of hydrogen and electric buses in northern Italy. Meanwhile, Australian company Worley has collaborated with Princeton University to devise a 10-point action plan for Europe’s renewable hydrogen sector.


Driving down cost of solar key to unlocking green hydrogen future

Reducing the cost of solar electricity will be the key to unlocking the next chapter of the energy transition: a green hydrogen economy, according to Jim Tyler, CEO of solar technology company Erthos.

CSIRO startup pursues hydrogen tech for heavy industry

Australia’s national science agency has teamed with corporate advisor RFC Ambrian to form a new company to commercialise electrolysis technology that the CSIRO said can produce hydrogen with 30% less electricity than existing alkaline and polymer electrolyte membrane technologies.


Hysata puts hydrogen electrolyser tech to test in real-world setting

New South Wales hydrogen technology company Hysata will install a 5 MW electrolyser unit adjacent to the coal-fired Stanwell Power Station in Queensland as part of a commercial-scale demonstration of its next generation tech.


Electric train steers South Australia toward net zero milestone

South Australia’s planned transition to a zero-emissions public transport system has reached a major milestone with the electrification of the passenger rail line between Adelaide’s CBD and Gawler in the north now complete.

The Hydrogen Stream: Scientists see iridium as obstacle to hydrogen aviation

A German research team says that demand for iridium, lanthanum and nickel could weigh on the growth of the global hydrogen-powered aviation market.

H2X to accelerate growth after landing US funding deal

Australian hydrogen technology startup H2X Global will accelerate the rollout of its hydrogen-powered vehicle range in both domestic and international markets after securing an $87 billion (USD 57 million) investment agreement with United States-based Verde Mobility.

Provaris plans 2.6 GW solar farm for NT green hydrogen project

Western Australian renewables company Provaris Energy has advanced its Tiwi H2 green hydrogen export project planned for the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory with the design feasibility report for the proposed solar farm and transmission system now complete.

Melbourne researchers target MW scale with proton battery technology

A team of engineers at Melbourne’s RMIT University have developed a rechargeable ‘proton battery’, claiming the technology has the potential, with further development, to store more energy than currently available lithium-ion batteries.


Atco shelves Western Australia green hydrogen project

Gas major Atco has ditched its plans for a commercial-scale green hydrogen manufacturing facility proposed for Western Australia’s remote midwest, saying the distance between the production facility and end use undermined the commercial viability of the project.


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