Pumped Hydro

Marinus in a blink

Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced six of 15 projects to be fast-tracked for jobs creation, among them the Marinus Link interconnector between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, which promises to unlock renewable projects on either side of Bass Strait.

NSW has approved Snowy 2.0. Here are six reasons why that’s a bad move

The controversial Snowy 2.0 project has mounted a major hurdle after the New South Wales government this week announced approval for its main works.


NSW government to fast-track approvals for Snowy 2.0 project

In a bid to boost the state’s economy and create jobs amid the Covid-19 crisis, the New South Wales government will accelerate the assessment of 24 projects, including the $4.6 billion Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro storage project.

New white paper attests to Tasmania’s deep storage potential

New analysis highlights the need of, and Tasmania’s potential for, deep storage to back up Australia’s future energy market. Tasmania is determined to become the Battery of the Nation.

Macquarie Uni signs on with Snowy Hydro

Sydney’s Macquarie University has signed a seven-year contract with Snowy Hydro owned Red Energy to be powered by 100% renewables from 1 July 2020. The move demonstrates the variety of pathways to sustainability through renewable energy.

600 MW Oven Mountain pumped hydro project gets ARENA funding to prove its viability

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is providing nearly one million dollars for a study that will analyze the benefits that pumped hydro energy storage would have on the development of the New England Renewable Energy Zone in northern New South Wales.

Experts call for independent scrutiny of Snowy 2.0

30 experts from the energy, engineering, economic and environmental industries around Australia are calling on the Prime Minister and NSW Premier to withstand an independent inquiry into Snowy 2.0.

Climate policy done right: Tasmania sets 200% RE target by 2040

Tasmania has committed to being 100% renewable by 2022 and remains well on track to meet this target ahead of schedule. But the island state says it is well placed to set a more ambitious goal, which would see it double its renewable production and help mainland Australia reduce its emissions.


The kids of Goat Hill: Altura proposes 1GW of east-coast pumped hydro projects

You’ll recall that in 2019, an Australian National University Study identified 22,000 potential pumped-hydro energy storage sites across Australia. Altura Group, is proposing development of three east-coast sites that are also close to strong transmission connections, abundant renewable resources and load centres.


AGL, Hillgrove Resources scrap 250 MW pumped hydro plans

Australia’s biggest power producer AGL and copper miner Hillgrove Resources have agreed to abandon the ambitious pumped hydro project at an old mine pit in South Australia. No longer bound by the project restriction, the owner intends to step up mining and drilling activities at the site.

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