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Hunter Valley coal void moves closer to filling with pumped hydro

AGL is transforming its operations in a number of ways, from restructuring the company itself, to building energy storage facilities for flexible distribution of renewable energy into the future.


Cleantech Solar celebrates the launch of a 1 MW PV system for Tan Chong Subaru Automotive in Thailand

Cleantech Solar and Tan Chong Subaru Automotive (Thailand) Co., Ltd (TCSAT) inaugurated a 1 MW system on the rooftops of TCSAT’s office building and assembly plant located in Lat Krabang Industrial Estate, near Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. The installation includes over 3000 solar panels at TCSAT.

Solar-loving town to construct PV carpark shade with federal grant money 

New South Wales’ Lismore City Council will construct a carpark solar shade structure and an electric vehicle charging station funded through a Federal Government grant.


Weekend read: No dummies as Chase cuts through solar’s jargon

There’s more to read in the solar world than pv magazine alone, as much as we may hate to admit it. Looking back across some of the industry’s seminal works, leading analyst Jenny Chase’s 2019 book is too valuable, and entertaining, to be ignored.

Australia’s green bank backs flexible, lightweight eArc ‘solar skins’

Australia’s green bank has invested over $9.5 million into Sunman’s lightweight, flexible eArc panels, saying have the “potential to revolutionise Australia’s use of rooftop solar.”

Insight on Quality – the prickly issue of PV module warranties: big promises and little recourse

PV modules are being sold with ever longer warranties, but when modules underperform or fail, making claims on those warranties is rarely straightforward. So are the warranties worth the paper they’re written on? Where does this leave installers? And how can this liability be mitigated?

The weekend read: The plan to REZurrect Australia’s large-scale segment

Investment in large-scale solar appears to be faltering in Australia. The technology with the lowest cost, with no emissions and the fastest time to delivery, has often found itself dangling at the oversubscribed end of a limp transmission line, with additional, expensive requirements to connect, or earnings-slashing curtailments when operational. Investors have found no reassurance in the federal government’s winking at coal, courting of gas, and undermining of agencies established to support innovation and investment in renewables. In short, the Australian prime minister is showing a complete lack of urgency to act on climate change. Enter the Renewable Energy Zone.


APAC Energy Buzz: Could coal and renewables put the squeeze on gas? 

Rising gas prices, increased energy security and economic recovery at all costs pose risks to Asia’s power sector gas demand growth.

Reading between the lines of the Quarterly Carbon Market Report

The Clean Energy Regulator puts an optimistic spin on solar development in its Quarterly Carbon Market Report for the second quarter of this year. Angus Taylor opportunistically leaps on the news. But with 28.4 GWac of renewable projects seeking connection, investors take matters into their own hands.

Evie Networks connects the dots for EV drivers in Tassie

Every new regional EV charging station is a trailblazer. Last week, Evie Networks launched the first of three ultra-fast charging opportunities it has planned for Tasmania. Company CEO Chris Mills talked to pv magazine about the many factors the company considers in situating its infrastructure, to enhance the freedom of EV drivers to travel where they like.

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