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Study shows n-type bifacial TOPCon cells more prone to degradation than p-type

Dutch scientists have reported higher degradation risk for n-type TOPCon cells with EVA encapsulant due to potential moisture degradation. Front-side metallisation makes n-type cells more vulnerable than p-type cells, according to damp heat tests.

Hybrid wind-solar power system for residential applications

Dutch startup Airturb has developed a 500 W hybrid wind-solar power system featuring a vertical axis wind turbine and a solar base hosting four 30 W solar panels. The system can be used for rooftop or off-grid applications.

IKEA does 195 MW Australian solar deal with German developer

The investment arm of Ikea franchisee owner Ingka Group has added to its utility scale renewable energy assets in Australia with the acquisition of a 195 MWp solar farm portfolio from the regional division of German renewables developer Enerparc.

Novel design for high-power PEM fuel cells

UNSW Sydney researchers have developed an algorithm to enhance images of PEM fuel cells, meanwhile South Korean researchers have revealed a scalable production method for platinum-based fuel cell catalysts. Germany has moved forward on its hydrogen strategy by signing agreements with Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Rooftop system with PV panels, mini wind turbines in the Netherlands

Ibis Power has developed a rooftop system that combines solar with wind turbines designed for medium-sized structures and high-rise buildings. It claims its PowerNEST system can produce six to 10 times more energy than standalone rooftop solar. The company has already installed five projects in the Netherlands.


Quinbrook sells share in giant US solar and storage project

Australia-based energy investment manager Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has sold a 49% stake in a massive $1.9 million (USD 1.2 billion) solar PV and battery energy storage project being developed in the United States to a Dutch pension asset manager.

Weekend read: Teamwork makes the green work

Solar-wind hybrid plants are rapidly becoming mainstream, and in booming markets like India and the US these hybrids are increasingly preferred to singular projects despite the higher installation cost. There is no shortage to the benefits of hybridisation, from a smoother power output profile to the cost saving of grid connection. But getting the balance right for new projects and retrofits remains a challenge. Blake Matich reports on this growing trend.

Hydrogen bromide flow battery for large-scale renewables storage

Dutch startup Elestor has secured funds to bring its hydrogen bromide (HBr) flow battery technology closer to commercial production. It said the system could achieve a levelised cost of storage below US$0.05/kW.


Heat wave sparks fire at solar park in the Netherlands

The fire affected an area of around 5,000 square meters but did not damage the solar panels. The local fire brigade was able to control the fire in around two hours.

Solar cells integrating power electronics

Researchers in the Netherlands investigated the potential for integrating power electronics in solar cells in the form of diodes, transistors, capacitors, and inductors. They believe that this kind of PV cell may initially find applications in PV-powered Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and later, as the economy of scale kicks in, in large-scale applications.


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