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South Korea

Module price hike impacting middle-sized PV projects in South Korea

The continuous rise in solar panel prices may affect PV projects of up to 1 MW tendered by the Korea Energy Agency and the domestic solar module industry may not be able to provide the necessary production capacity to respond to the recent supply bottleneck.

Korean researchers achieve 25.8% efficiency for single junction perovskite solar cell

The record efficiency was obtained thanks to an interlayer placed between the electron-transporting layer and the perovskite layer, which eliminated the need for passivation. The cell was also able to retain around 90% of its initial efficiency after 500 hours under standard illumination.

Hanwha Q Cells unveils plan to produce perovskite, TOPCon solar modules

The US$1.28 billion (AU$1.7 billion) plan includes a 3.1 GW production capacity expansion in South Korea, where the company’s solar module capacity will reach 7.6 GW by 2025.

Novel PV module recycling tech from South Korea

Developed by the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), the “non-destructive” technology is claimed to enable the recovery of 100% of a module’s glass and to allow the reuse of silicon for producing new solar cells with an efficiency of 20.05%.

Global battery maker to take all proposed Queensland mine’s ethical cobalt, nickel

LG Energy Solution has agreed to take 100% of the cobalt and nickel from the proposed Sconi Project in Queensland. The company says the deal will give it an “upper hand” in EV battery production and improve its ESG competitiveness.

Four-terminal heterojunction perovskite tandem solar cell with 30.09% efficiency

Developed by a Vietnamese-Korean research group, the complex PV device was built with a bottom bifacial crystalline silicon perovskite-filtered heterojunction sub-cell that is able to absorb all solar spectra in the short-wavelength range.

Aussie-headed fuel cell vehicle company inks deal with zinc giant, laying ‘foundation for an emissions-free future’

Hydrogen vehicle maker, Hyzon Motors, has signed an agreement to deliver five fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks to Ark Energy Corporation, the Australian subsidiary of the world’s largest zinc, lead, and silver producer, Korea Zinc Ltd.

WoodMac forecasts Australia’s low-carbon hydrogen export revenue to reach US$90 billion by 2050

Wood MacKenzie’s energy transition modelling is predicting a primacy in the future low-carbon hydrogen economy for Australia. Thanks to the country’s solar irradiance and renewable energy expertise, as well as its relative proximity to major off-taker markets, Australia could be looking at export revenues of up to US$90 billion by 2050.


Q Cells unveils 495 W solar panel with 21.4% efficiency

The Q.Peak Duo XL-G10.3 panel is currently the largest and most powerful product manufactured by the South Korean module maker. It is based on 156 monocrystalline ‘Q.antum’ half cells and is the company’s first panel relying on M6 wafers.


South Korea kicks off 2 GW PV tender

The Northeast Asian nation has included PV projects exceeding 20 MW in size for the first time in its solar energy procurement scheme. Selected projects will be awarded a fixed rate under a 20-year contract under the country’s renewable energy certificate (REC) scheme and will sell electricity to local power distributors.


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