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United Kingdom

BP to take full control of Lightsource BP

Energy giant BP announced today it would take full ownership of solar and wind energy developer Lightsource BP once a deal – pertaining to the purchase of the remaining renewables company’s shares BP does not own – goes through next year.

Pacific Green unveils 1.5 GWh big battery plans for South Oz

British renewables developer Pacific Green Technologies has joined the growing number of foreign companies looking to capitalise on Australia’s energy transition, announcing plans to build a 500 MW/1,500 MWh battery energy storage system in South Australia.

Quinbrook introduces energy tracing into portfolio as Australia hesitates on granular certificate scheme

Renewable energy investor and developer Quinbrook has launched software to allow customers to trace both the source and carbon-intensity of their electricity in real-time. The energy-tracing platform comes at an important moment, just as Australia’s government is deciding whether to include time-stamped and granular source information in its formal certificate schemes.

Perovskite-silicon tandem tech tested in solar race car

A team of Dutch university students under the banner Top Dutch Solar Racing has installed perovskite silicon tandem cells in its entry in the 16th edition of Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The upcoming race is a six-day, 3,000km expedition across Australia, from Darwin to Adelaide.

Jaguar building large-scale storage system with second-life EV batteries

Jaguar Land Rover and Wykes Engineering are building a 2.5 MWh storage system with electric-vehicle batteries taken from Jaguar I-PACE cars. The large-scale system will store wind and solar at an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom.

Weekend Read: Mapping a path to tandem commercialisation

Chris Case, chief technology officer for Oxford PV, recently spoke with pv magazine about the U.K.-based company’s new 28.6%-efficient, commercial-sized, tandem solar cell, its U.S. subsidiary, and plans for the future.


Cambridge completes Australian first install of modular solar solution

Prefabricated solar that integrates single-axis tracking technology has been deployed in Australia for the first time with United Kingdom-headquartered Cambridge Energy announcing a 2.3 MW system has been successfully installed at a mine site in Western Australia.


Developer backs battery retrofit to unlock new revenue streams

Clean energy investor Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities expects to gain access to additional revenue streams in Australia’s National Electricity Market after completing the retrofit of a battery energy storage system at an operating solar farm in South Australia.

Sodium-ion battery fleet to grow to 10 GWh by 2025

Global demand for sodium-ion batteries is expected to grow to just under 70 GWh in 2033, from 10 GWh in 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27%, according to UK-based market research company IDTechEx.

Viridian Solar presents new residential inverters

Viridian offers five versions of its new residential inverters, with power outputs ranging from 1 kW to 3 kW and an efficiency ranging from 97.2% and 97.6%. The European efficiency is 96.4% to 97.2%.