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Why Australia needs friends (and a climate AUKUS) to reach its climate goals

AUKUS has been widely hailed as Australia’s largest-ever defence investment and the Quad as a new focus for defence strategy – but what do they mean for our energy landscape? SMA’s Joshua Birmingham argues it’s time to look beyond defence cost and grow our relationships to fight the climate change war.

All photovoltaic-thermal system designs at a glance

An international research team has presented all possible system designs and applications for photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) technology. Their review includes conventional PV-T collectors, air-based systems, liquid-based installations, water-based collectors, refrigerant-based systems, heat-pipe-based technologies, dual air-water systems, building-integrated PVT arrays, and concentrated PVT collectors.


Weekend read: ‘Solar crime’ on the rise

With copper prices rising, inflation driving up the cost of living, and organised criminal gangs stepping up operations in the United Kingdom and across Europe, solar project owners need to be more conscious than ever of security, reports Max Hall.

Solar’s growing demand for drone-based aerial inspection and data analysis

United Kingdom-based Above’s founder and CEO Will Hitchcock sits down with pv magazine to discuss the solar industry’s growing demand for drone-based aerial inspection and data analysis, the game changing utility of digital twins, and what the future holds for autonomous drone programs.

Australia-based startup buys collapsed battery maker Britishvolt

Only weeks after announcing its plan to build a lithium-ion battery gigafactory in Geelong, Australia-based startup Recharge Industries has bought collapsed battery maker Britishvolt – doubling its manufacturing ambitions. The takeover resuscitates Britishvolt’s gigafactory play in northern England, and means the little known startup now holds two significant battery making projects.


How safe are second-life EV batteries as home energy storage devices?

There is currently no widely accepted test methodology to assess the safety of second-life lithium-ion batteries (LiBs). However, a UK government study reveals two opposing views on their safety, raising concerns over whether such devices should be deployed in homes under any circumstances.


UK renewables giant targets Australian solar with $145 million spending spree

UK-headquartered fund manager Glennmont Partners has its sights firmly set on the Australian renewable energy market after announcing it plans to acquire, build and operate a portfolio of large-scale solar farms and energy storage assets as part of a $145 million (USD 100 million) strategy.

Mobile hydrogen refuelling stations set for remote mines and industrial sectors

A distribution agreement between Europe-based Enermech and Wolftank Group will see mobile hydrogen refuelling stations installed at remote mine sites and industrial sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Recharge Industries looks to revive British battery gigafactory

Just weeks after announcing its intent to build a $300 million (USD 210 million) lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Victoria, Australia-based Recharge Industries is reportedly considering a bid for the collapsed UK battery company Britishvolt that could revive plans to construct a battery cell gigafactory in northern England.


RES plans 600 MWh big battery as coal-fired plants exit system

UK-based developer Renewable Energy Systems Group is planning to build a 250 MW/600 MWh battery energy storage system in the New South Wales Hunter region that is says would provide critical grid services and support Australia’s renewable energy transition.

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