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Vanadium redox flow batteries with purported LCOS of $0.10/kWh

Singapore-based VFlowTech has secured funds to scale up manufacturing of its vanadium redox flow batteries. The company currently offers three modular products that can be scaled to multi-megawatt-hour systems.


Rio Tinto ramps up solar at remote mining operation

Mining giant Rio Tinto has confirmed Energy Developments Limited is poised to begin construction of a new solar farm and battery energy storage system that will more than triple the solar PV generation capacity at the Anglo-Australian multinational’s $2.6 billion bauxite mining operation at Weipa in far north Queensland.

Solar microgrid adds green cred to Lord Howe’s already lush paradise

Until this year, Lord Howe Island was totally reliant on diesel generation for its electricity. A solar powered hybrid microgrid, integrated into the island’s supply since April, has now been declared a resounding success.


VSUN reveals rollout of redox flow battery technology

The suitability of vanadium redox flow battery technology for Australian residential and commercial applications is set to be tested with Perth-based energy storage company VSUN Energy planning to deploy three 5 kW/30 kWh flow batteries.


Powercor claims 30% increase in rooftop solar export approvals

Victorian network service provider Powercor claims a major works program designed to alleviate grid congestion in areas of high rooftop solar PV penetration has boosted the approval rate for new solar connections to export excess energy to the grid by an impressive 30%.

Monash launches ‘toolbox’ to aid rollout of microgrid technology

Researchers at Melbourne’s Monash University have used lessons learned during the development of a solar PV powered microgrid at its Clayton campus to produce an interactive ‘toolbox’ designed to support the uptake of the technology in commercial, industrial and community settings.

Saturday read: Scaling up standalone power systems

As technology redefines the delivery of network services, grid operators in remote areas the world over are searching for more cost-effective and reliable alternatives to traditional poles and wires. Standalone power systems are the solar application that is at the forefront of the switch, and they’re ramping up fast.


Western Power ready to welcome microgrid to energy mix

Residents in the West Australian town of Kalbarri are set to welcome the state’s largest renewable energy microgrid with state government-owned utility Western Power confirming commissioning and an operational trial of the hybrid system is due to commence next month.


EnergyAustralia explores microgrid technology in Melbourne housing estate

Australian electricity gen-tailer EnergyAustralia is exploring the benefits of microgrid technology, teaming with property developer Villawood Properties to establish a solar PV-powered microgrid community in Melbourne’s north that could see residents reduce their power bills by more than 50%.


Monash chemists find novel salt solution for lithium-ion battery fires

Researchers at Monash University have published a new study in which high voltage lithium batteries, such as those used in electric vehicles and grid scale energy storage systems, are tested with a novel lithium salt shown to be far less hazardous than current conventional materials.


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