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Energy Storage

Off-grid solar-powered data centre headed for regional Victoria on expansion path

Queensland-based data centre operator Edge Centres has announced its first off-grid 100% solar-powered centre for Victoria, taking the new company’s centre total to five as it forges ahead with plans to transform regional Australia.

Regional strategy to turbocharge Indonesian solar

A roadmap to rapid carbon emission reduction has suggested the nation add 2.4 GW of generation capacity next year as part of a 15 GW new-solar target this decade. The claims of solar-plus-storage should be ignored for now, according to a new policy document, because batteries will make PV less competitive with coal.

Moah and Moah hybrid energy projects from Energy Estate

A couple of years ago Central Queensland, at the heart of coal country and the nexus of manufacturing opportunity, became a beacon to energy advisory firm Energy Estate and international renewables developer RES. Moah Creek Renewable Energy Project, the first stage of their gigawatt-scale firmed renewable energy project is about to be introduced to the community.


Saturday read: Stage set for truce in Australia’s climate culture war

The highly polarised debate regarding renewable energy and action on climate change that has too long been a feature of the Australian political landscape could change, and change quickly, says Saul Griffith. The entrepreneur, scientist, and energy analyst is adding author to his job description next month with the release of his book “Electrify”, and he’s betting on a rapid transformation of the discussion within Australia as the advantages of “electrifying everything” become clear.


New Energy eyes bigger battery for Wallaroo Solar Farm

Spanish-Japanese renewable energy company Univergy Solar and Australian partner New Energy Development have revealed a 75 MW/150 MWh battery energy storage system is likely to be coupled with the proposed 100 MW Wallaroo Solar Farm being developed near the border between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

How zinc-bromide innovators Gelion found a way to cheaply manufacturer batteries in Australia

Sydney-founded battery company Gelion Technolgies today announced its partnership with lead-acid battery manufacturer Battery Energy Power Solutions. The news reflects a significant adjustment of the company’s battery design and business strategy, which is seeking to leverage industry shifts.


How safe are smart EV chargers?

Research has uncovered critical security threats associated with a number of common smart electric-vehicle chargers, but it’s not too late or too logistically difficult to remedy the issues.

Australian researchers develop direct solar-to-hydrogen generation tech

Developed by Australian scientists, the demonstrated system is claimed to achieve a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 20% at a levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH) of $4.10/kg. The direct solar hydrogen generation technology is powered by a tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell with an unprecedented high open-circuit voltage of 1.271 V, and a power conversion efficiency of 24.3%.

The sci-fi future of EVs: vehicles could become the grid

Electric vehicles could autonomously transport electrons between where they’re generated and where they’re needed based on algorithms and smart software, predicts JET Charge CEO Tim Washington. Such a future, he admits, is “pretty sci-fi” and still a while off.

Novel chemistry hybrid flow battery: non-aqueous, high-voltage, and crossover-free

Scientists in the United States claim to have created a crossover-free, high-voltage, non-aqueous hybrid flow battery with a novel chemistry for the solid sodium anode. The device has shown a high working voltage of around 2.6 V and a coulombic efficiency of 95.0%.

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