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Charging an electric vehicle in 10 minutes

Scientists from Penn State University have developed a self-heating battery for electric vehicles which is said charge in only 10 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius.

Queensland set to get its first 100% electric delivery truck

Queensland gets its first 100% electric delivery vehicle as Ikea’s newest form of transport hit the road.


Australia lacks interest in EVs, global study finds

A global study has found that Australia lacks interest in EVs, a finding due largely to the impedimental admixture of cost, range anxiety and lack of charging options.


Western Australia to consume its carbon budget 20 years too early, report finds

Under the business-as-usual scenario, Western Australia could use up its Paris-Agreement 1.5°C compatible carbon budget within 12 years but a massive ramping up of renewable energy capacity would unlock significant economic opportunities for the state, finds a report by Berlin-based science and policy institute Climate Analytics.


Divide and conquer, Tesla’s electric Cybertruck breaks into ute-market

Tesla’s new electric ute, the Cybertruck, may not be the most beautiful of vehicles, but that doesn’t seem to have cost it any attention. The unveiling almost broke the Internet, and a couple windows really did break in the process.


New IPA report highlights the importance of an EV road tax

With the number of electric vehicles on Australian roads probably just scraping 6,000, Infrastructure Partners Australia says now is the perfect time to apply a road-use charge to EVs, to ensure all drivers are pulling their weight and the quality of Australian roads can be maintained.


Australia’s SEA Electric is set to displace diesel in commercial vehicles worldwide

The Australia Institute’s National Energy Emissions Audit revealed the disheartening news that growth in diesel consumption, mainly in road transport, has negated gains made in carbon emissions reduction achieved in the NEM. But one Australian automotive-engineering firm has plans to transform the light-to-medium-duty diesel-slurping vehicle sector to run cleanly and quietly on electricity.


Tesla to build first European gigafactory in Germany

Elon Musk has promised a fab near Berlin that will help create up to 10,000 new jobs. Tesla wants to build the facility near the city’s controversial new BER airport.

Moixa reaches 100 MWh of virtual power plant capacity in Japan

The company says its network is the largest fleet of batteries under virtual power plant management worldwide.

Tritium expands to Europe and the U.S.

Brisbane-based Tritium is quickly becoming a world leader in EV charging technology as the company rapidly expands across Europe and the United States.


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