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‘Unprecedented’ collaboration between EV manufacturers could launch large-scale transition

Energy analysts from the United Kingdom have found that many of the world’s largest car manufacturers launching EVs, or looking to launch EVs, are engaged in an “unprecedented” level of collaboration in order to share the costs and risks inherent in EV development. Cornwall Insight found that the collaboration could see a major boom in supply from the early 2020s.

Australia’s state of virtual power play

With around 16 battery-based virtual-power-plant projects either in progress or planned across six states, Australia is demonstrating the potential of distributed energy resources to the world. An Australian Clean Energy Summit panel last week caught up on progress and potholes on the road to energy’s new two-way street.


Lithium oversupply hurts Australian miners

With miners around globe stepping up their production capacities to cater to the demand of the electro-mobility and energy storage sectors, supply has outpaced demand leading to a steep decline in lithium prices. Amid slowing growth in China, a number of Australian lithium miners are hurting.


Tritium chargers will let UK EV drivers “fill up” faster to go further …

The UK is leaping ahead in its deployment of electric-vehicle charge infrastructure. Box Energi has chosen Australia’s Tritium Veefil-RT technology to double refill sites around the UK, boosting not only charge accessibility and driving range, but confidence in emissions-free commuting and touring.


Hyundai enters the solar car race with new Sonata

Hyundai has unveiled its new hybrid, the Hyundai Sonata, complete with integrated solar cells. The Sonata’s unveiling joins Toyota and Lightyear in integrating solar PV wth EVs.


Batteries well-suited to play valuable role in grid management in New Zealand’s energy transition

A report published by New Zealand’s state-owned transmission grid operator Transpower finds the widespread uptake of distributed battery storage could play an important role in supporting the power system as rooftop PV and electric vehicles are increasingly adopted.

Toyota gets serious in its move towards solar EV revolution

Toyota has announced plans to begin public road trials this month on a new Prius PHV demo car modified to include integrated solar panels. The announcement follows similar recent solar innovations in the EV industry which could accelerate the emerging form of transport.


“Transforming Australia from a global laggard to a leader in transport innovation,” Chargefox flexes its EV charging network muscle

Chargefox, Australia’s only public ultra-rapid EV charging network, has demonstrated its rapid growth by opening the most powerful EV charging station in the Southern Hemisphere. At the same time it announced its partnership with Yurika and the Queensland Government to manage the 17 fast charging sites that make up the Queensland Electric Super Highway.


Evie Networks announces partnership with U.S. software provider to build ultra-fast highway of EV charging stations

Evie Networks, largely funded by coal baron Trevor St Baker’s St Baker Energy Innovation Fund to the tune of $28 million, has announced its partnership with U.S. software company EV Connect to help systematise Evie’s proposed ultra-fast highway charging network. The network could enable affordable EV options to pick up speed in Australia. 


High-end Lightyear One developers build on Solar Challenge success

Not quite to infinity, but certainly to long-range, and beyond. Former Dutch competitor in Australia’s World Solar Challenge, Lightyear has launched the world’s first long-range solar EV prototype, a potential solution to the perennial EV problem of range anxiety.

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