Energy Management Systems

Power Ledger enables consumer participation in energy markets, in Australia, India and beyond

Having verified its technology in projects around the globe, Australian start up Power Ledger is looking to scale its offering to much larger communities. The Australian Energy Market Commission last week proposed a similar agenda.

Singtel/Optus gets it right in the face of firestorms and a changing climate

Australia’s east coast is ablaze, with worse weather conditions set to fan the flames in coming days. Telecommunications is one industry threatened by changing climate conditions, and Singtel has sought to prepare its people and its infrastructure for the risks of the future while at the same time reducing its own carbon footprint.

French consortium develops hybrid storage and co-generation system

The Smart Energy Hub can operate in electrolysis mode to store renewable energy as hydrogen, or in fuel cell mode to produce electricity and heat from previously produced hydrogen or methane. Its developers are the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission and start-up Sylfen.

Homing in on the keys to DER integration

Australia’s rooftop PV has become the country’s biggest potential energy resource. To harness it requires that millions of household and commercial generators cede control of their hard-won, sunny patch. A new research entity has been launched to understand energy consumers’ passions and motivators, and facilitate a fair and equitable social contract — no pressure!


Massive AGL deal set to push Australia into the battery age

AGL, Australia’s biggest power producer, has inked a deal that will see the development of four large-scale batteries in NSW. The agreement is an attempt to secure against fluctuating prices during peak periods.


Meet the Aussie startup delivering solar minigrids to remote communities from a ping-pong table

Meet Afnan Hannan, CEO and co-founder of Okra Solar, an Aussie startup looking to eradicate energy poverty using solar minigrids that has already been recognised with a global sustainability award and a best IoT startup award.


All Energy Australia Day 2

Welcome to Australia’s largest national showcase of renewable energy at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Follow pv magazine live to keep updated on the latest Aussie solar PV and storage developments and trends from this year’s event, as they happen. Stay tuned!


Hydrogen powered mining trucks are coming

The building-sized trucks run on diesel and prompt logistical complications as large amounts of diesel must be shipped to remote mining sites. Attempts to decarbonize the mining sector will have to consider the heavy-duty vehicles.

Installation of one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar arrays underway

The first rows of solar panels have been laid on the roof of the Main Assembly Building at Tonsley Innovation District. The 2.34 MW solar array will ultimately work in conjunction with on-site battery storage and smart technologies as part of South Australia’s first district energy scheme.

AEMC proposes to overhaul energy pricing and transmission

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released a discussion paper toward a blueprint for the coordination of generation and transmission investment. The draft proposal seeks to overhaul wholesale pricing and transmission access toward lowering electricity costs and the ever-increasing risks inherent in getting new renewable energy generation into the network.

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