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Queensland begins its QREZ development with a “measly” 3.3 GW allocation

The Queensland government has published its draft plan to unlock 3,300 MW, or 3.3 GW, of new renewable generation as part of the first stage of developing state’s three Renewable Energy Zones (REZs).


Hilarious, scathing responses to Morrison’s ‘bullsh*t’ plan

Australians are overjoyed at the Morrison government’s strong, detailed plan to get the nation to net zero by 2050… nah, just kidding. In the last 24 hours, the internet has erupted with criticism, scolding everything from the plan’s font, to its copyright date, and mind bogglingly vacancy. Here are some of the best reactions so far…

More solar records broken

On Sunday, Australia set a new record for minimum operational demand, with the national grid dipping below 14 GW. Renewables met 55% of that, while rooftop solar accounted for 34%.

AGL boss quits following decision to split the business

AGL’s Managing Director and CEO, Brett Redman, has left the company after he told its board he believed “he could not make a long-term commitment” as the energy giant moves to split into two separate entities.

Australia’s top dairy processor signs 10-year renewable power purchasing deal

Australia’s largest dairy processor, Saputo Dairy Australia, has signed a 10 year power purchasing agreement with French-owned power company Engie to reduce its emissions through renewably sourced electricity.


WA mining company begins journey towards renewable power station with battery install

Gold mining company Wiluna Mining Corp has started its move to renewables, installing a 2 MW battery to replace diesel generators with plans to integrate solar, wind or pumped storage options in the coming years.

Historical wholesale price trend bucked thanks to renewables

January normally sees a spike in the average wholesale electricity price. This year, however, increased solar PV and wind generation have seen this traditional trend bucked.


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