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Grids & Integration

Grid stability and 100% renewables

New research from Stanford University professor Mark Jacobson seeks to remove any doubts about grid stability in a world powered entirely by renewable energy. The latest study models 100% wind water and solar powered grids across the United States, finding no risk of blackouts in any region and also broad benefits in cost reduction, job creation and land use.

Saturday read: China’s path to 100 GW

China is once again the focus of attention across the global solar PV industry. The country’s manufacturers have had a turbulent 2021, but domestic demand remains strong, particularly from the booming residential rooftop segment. Despite the supply challenges, China will likely reach 50 GW this year and possibly even 100 GW next year. Given the dynamic market and policy landscape, pv magazine publisher Eckhart K. Gouras recently caught up with long-time China solar expert Frank Haugwitz, the founder of the Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory (AECEA).

Renewables critical as NEM prepares for Step Change

Large-scale renewable energy generators, including wind and solar PV farms will ramp up to 140 GW from the current 15 GW, more than doubling every decade to 2050 while rooftop solar is expected to increase from 15 GW to 70 GW over the same period as the “accelerating” transformation of Australia’s energy sector continues.


5-minute settlement, battery smarts make Hazelwood battery a reality

The impression of another big battery being installed on the site of one of Australia’s recently decommissioned “coal clunkers” was lost on few. Battery system provider Fluence says the Hazelwood Battery Energy Storage System’s business case was bolstered by recent reforms and new technology to take advantage of rapidly changing wholesale electricity market dynamics.

SA batteries paid to charge as solar sends electricity prices negative

Batteries in South Australia have been paid to charge throughout September and October 2021 due to a record number of negative price intervals. Wholesale electricity prices were negative almost 40% of the time.

Commercial returns on VPPs ‘proven’ as expanded program adds more sophisticated features

Simply Energy on Thursday announced it will be extending its Virtual Power Plant program across the eastern seaboard and opening it up to five different battery brands. Simply Energy will continue its technology partnership with SwitchDin to do so, with Ryan Wavish, Simply’s General Manager, and Andrew Mears, CEO and founder of SwitchDin, telling pv magazine Australia they plan to introduce a whole range of new, more advanced features into the VPP as the relationship between the two companies evolves.

Western Australia launches $35 million ‘symphony’ of residential renewable assets

Western Australia has today announced the launch of its $35.5 million Virtual Power Plant trial, Project Symphony, which will examine the ways in which residents, utilities, and network operators can join forces to centrally orchestrate the output of rooftop solar, batteries and other distributed resources to best serve both customers and the grid at large.

90 MW Sebastopol Solar Farm near Wagga Wagga reaches commissioning phase

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Australia’s 90 MW (AC) solar farm outside Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, has reached the commissioning phase after less than a year of construction. Barring no obstacles, the project should start exporting solar energy to the grid in a matter of months.

WA introduces remote solar switch off, following SA model

Western Australia has become the second state to give network operators the capacity to remotely switch off residential solar systems as an emergency grid stability mechanism.


“Crickey!” Rooftop solar makes South Australia the world’s first gigawatt-scale system to hit negative demand 

Rooftop solar drove two negative demand events in South Australia on Sunday, November 21, events which analysts are describing as a world-first for a gigawatt-scale power system.


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