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Road trip showcases suitability of charging infrastructure for shift to EVs

A long-haul road trip along Australia’s east coast in an electric vehicle has demonstrated the nation’s readiness for the shift to full battery vehicles with the driver declaring the existing charging infrastructure has made range anxiety a thing of the past.

BE Power adds 9.6 GWh pumped hydro project to Queensland pipeline

Queensland’s pipeline of pumped hydro storage projects continues to grow with Victorian-based renewables company BE Power announcing plans to develop an 800 MW / 9.6 GWh project at Mount Alma near Gladstone.

Troubled solar-wind-storage park finally reaches full potential

After a near six-year delay, the 60 MW Kennedy Energy Park in north Queensland, hailed as Australia’s first fully integrated utility scale solar, wind, and battery project, has finally achieved full commercial operations.


Longi presents 24.4%-efficient 660 W HPBC solar panel

Intended for applications in utility scale PV projects, the new Hi-MO 9 module is available in eight versions with power output ranging from 625 W to 660 W and power conversion efficiency spanning from 23.1% to 24.4%.

Study shows all-electric mine fleet already feasible

The decarbonisation of mining operations continues to find support with a new report showing that an all-electric underground fleet for the Cosmos nickel project in Western Australia would be technically feasible and cost competitive with the existing all-diesel operating fleet that was planned.

Project Symphony virtual power plant pilot hits right notes for future markets

A West Australian government virtual power plant technology pilot, Project Symphony, has successfully proven rooftop solar, batteries and major appliances can play an integral role in the state’s energy transition and create $920 million in value over the next decade.

Renewable developments not on track to meet targets: CEC report

After a lacklustre 2023, the Clean Energy Council’s new quarterly report paints a positive picture of renewable energy projects’ financial commitments, construction, and commissioning, but warns the numbers fall short of hitting the 82% renewables by 2030 target.

Queensland budget to gift a record $26 billion to accelerate energy transition

The Queensland state budget will deliver the nation’s largest yet green energy investment with a record $26 billion outlay over the next four years, with $8.6 billion ready to go in the next financial year.


Energy transformation stirring across suburbia

Much like death and taxes are life’s guarantees, so are warmer days and nights with the Bureau of Meteorology’s long-range forecast predicting Australia to have an 80% chance of above-average temperatures this Autumn.


Warehouse rooftop solar and batteries could unlock 28 GW

An inert uptake of rooftop solar and battery storage by commercial and industrial business in New South Wales is a 7 GW opportunity missed, and nationally, 28 GW, says Nexa Advisory.


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