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Strategies to develop ‘solar neighborhoods’

Researchers from the Australian PV Institute are part of an international group of scientists that have devised a list of recommendations to support the creation of solar neighborhoods. In a recently published study they highlight the importance of legislative frameworks and advanced computing.

MIT scientists develop CSP system to produce hydrogen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists have developed a train-like concentrated solar power (CSP) system for hydrogen production, with plans to build a prototype in the coming year. They say that this innovative system can capture up to 40% of the sun’s heat to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel.

JinkoSolar introduces all-in-one battery solution for C&I solar

JinkoSolar has launched an all-in-one battery solution for commercial and industrial (C&I) solar applications. It includes a new outdoor cabinet that integrates battery packs, a management system, a power conversion system, and firefighting equipment. The system offers 215 kWh of battery capacity and up to 100 KW of rated power output.


New model for day-ahead solar forecasting in areas with limited data

South Korean researchers have developed a long-term solar irradiance prediction method based on a reinforcement learning algorithm. They claim that the new model is able to forecast solar radiation for more than a year using just two weeks of solar radiation learning.

EV sharing to provide stationary storage services via V2G tech

We Drive Solar and MyWheels have announced plans to transform the Dutch city of Utrecht into the world’s first municipality with a “neighbourhood battery on wheels.” The system will feature 25 Ioniq 5 vehicles equipped with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) tech from Hyundai Motor.

Philippines to build new 100 MW floating solar power farm

Zonal Renewables plans to construct a new 100 MW floating solar project on a 90-hectare fishpond in the Philippines, in Cadiz, Negros Occidental province.

New control technique for microgrid-connected PV systems

An international research group has applied for the first time integral backstepping control (IBC) as a control strategy for PV systems connected to microgrids. Through a series of simulations, the scientists found the new approach can provide better results than classic backstepping control (BC) and other techniques.

Novel AI-based tech to identify rooftop solar systems from aerial images

The model utilises deep learning and image processing techniques and is said to offer “superior performance.” In the future, it might be able to differ between panels of PV and solar thermal systems.

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